Introducing The Zygor Guides Merchandise Store

by (1 years ago).

At long last you can grab yourself some Zygor themed swag. Today we are launching a brand new merchandise store with Zygor affiliated products aimed at gamers.

Initially, only a few items will be available and orders are only being accepted and shipped within the United States, but we will expand to add more items and other regions over time.

You can access the store via the link in the navigation or directly at

2 thoughts on “Introducing The Zygor Guides Merchandise Store

    1. Zygor Post author

      You could measure a 3XL shirt you already own, that you feel fits you well, and compare the measurements to our shirts. Our 3XL shirt is 33.5 inches long (tall), and 28 inches wide. You can see how those measurements apply to the shirt with this picture:

      Hope that helps!


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