Zygor’s The Burning Crusade Classic Guides Coming Soon!

by (1 years ago).

The Burning Crusade Classic is expected to launch this year which means an all new set of guides are coming to the Zygor Elite service. This will include 1-20 starter zone guides for the new Draenei and Blood Elf races, full 60-70 leveling guides for the new zones in Outland, and 10 new Dungeons guides.

The Guide Viewer will also be getting an update to reflect the features found in Version 8.0.

For full details on all the expected content please see our TBC Classic Guide promo page below:


5 thoughts on “Zygor’s The Burning Crusade Classic Guides Coming Soon!

  1. JB

    Hi team — will this include an option for the guide to suggest when it’s time to stop questing in a zone and hop into zone dungeons and grind rep, so that you’re questing and dungeon running in each zone, with the goal to be getting dungeon rep high enough to hit heroic versions once you’re max level at 70?


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