Patch 9.1.5 Update Now Available For Retail Guides

by (4 weeks ago).

A new release is now rolling out to all users who have their client set to US which updates the Retail guides for Patch 9.1.5. Non-US users will get the update tomorrow. This patch doesn’t require a lot of content related changes, but there are some travel system updates and quest skips. Additionally, you can expect the following changes:

  • Tips added to allied race unlock guides that required dungeons indicating that the quests can be skipped.
  • New Chaotic Riftstone added in The Maw from Perdition’s Hold to Desmotaeron.
  • New Animaflow Transporter link added to Perdition’s Hold.
  • New Animaflow Transporter link to Desmotaeron could not be unlocked on PTR. Nothing seemed to open it up, so it’s not implemented yet.
  • New skip option added for The Maw introduction quests.

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