Zygor Spotlight: November 2021 Edition

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We want to start making it clearer what guides, features, and improvements we make to Zygor Elite each month of service. As part of this effort we’re introducing a new monthly blog post called Zygor Spotlight, which will highlight the major updates we’ve made to the guides throughout the month and give you an idea of some of the things we have coming down the pipeline in the weeks and months to come.

Recently Added:

In Development:

  • Guide Updates: WoW Classic Season of Mastery will be launching November 16th. This will include an increase in XP throughout 1-60 leveling that resembles TBC. We hope this will actually naturally cut down on a lot of grinding that is inherent in Classic. However, it may result in out leveling the guides to where you’re doing gray quests. Initially you’ll be able to use the SIS feature to jump ahead to a more optimal place in the guides should this happen. We will be monitoring the situation and making any necessary changes to the guides themselves afterwards.
  • New Guides: Additional Leveling, Dungeon, Class and Group Quest guides are being worked on for TBC Classic.
    (This is to address concerns about excess grinding in the 60-70 portion of the guides. It’ll now be recommended that you reach 60 in Azeroth first, although you will still technically be able to leave at 58. If you run into excessive grinds you’ll have the option of doing extra Dungeon, Group, and Class quests.)
  • New Feature: Show value of disenchants in item tooltips
  • New Feature: Auto repair option
  • New Feature: Skip cutscenes option.

2 thoughts on “Zygor Spotlight: November 2021 Edition

  1. Larry Baker

    I am pretty much a loner in playing WOW do to time constraints. Not much into groups. Are there quests for those of us at are at level 70 and looking for something to do?

    1. Zygor Post author

      The End Game content for TBC includes Reputations, high level dungeons/raids and associated instance attunement (of which Karazhan is main one), new Dailies for Ogri’la, Sha’tari Skyguard and Netherwing (to get the Netherwing Drake), and raising professions to the new skill cap of 375.


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