This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Jan 27th, 2023

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🟢 Major Updates:
  • (RETAIL) General Patch 10.0.5 updates.
  • (RETAIL) Added Stormwind/Ogrimmar Trading Post Unlock
  • (RETAIL) Updated Dragonflight Campaign – Added final Challenge of Tyr.
  • (RETAIL) Added Dragon Isles Cooking 1-100 (beta)
  • (RETAIL) Added Dragon Isles Fishing 1-100
  • (RETAIL) Added Artisan’s Consortium Intro
  • (RETAIL) Added Elders of the Dragon Isles
 ✨ Coming Soon:

Talent Builds updates for 10.0.5 and first major Toast Notifications update expected next week.

2 thoughts on “This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Jan 27th, 2023

  1. Mike Banaszak

    My long functional stack splitting macro quit working with this xpac. any ideas?

    /run local x=GetMouseFocus()local b,s=x:GetParent():GetID(),x:GetID()SplitContainerItem(b,s,1)for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i)do if not GetContainerItemID(i,j)then PickupContainerItem(i,j)end end end

    sort of a big deal to me.


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