This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For March 10th, 2023

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🟢 Major Updates

Another, even bigger wave of Dragonflight Achievements and Dragonflight Battle Pet guides have been added this week. You can find these quickly and easily from the Featured Section. Here is the full list of new guides added:

Exploration Achievements:
Curious Coin – Added guide.
Discombobberlated – Added guide.
Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? – Added guide.
Dragon Isles Safari – Added guide.
Dragonscale Expedition: The Highest Peaks – Added guide.
Fang Flap Fire Fighter – Added guide.
Fragments of History – Added guide.
Framing a New Perspective – Added guide.
Honor Our Ancestors – Added guide.
In Tyr’s Footsteps – Added guide.
Knew You Nokhud Do It! – Added guide.
Let’s Get Quacking – Added guide.
Ley Line in the Span – Added guide.
Mastering the Waygates – Added guide.
Siege on Dragonbane Keep: Chiseled Record – Added guide.
Sleeping on the Job – Added guide.
Symbols of Hope – Added guide.
That’s Pretty Neat! – Added guide.
To All the Squirrels Hidden Til Now – Added guide.
Treasures of Thaldraszus – Added guide.
Treasures of The Azure Span – Added guide.
Treasures of The Waking Shores – Added guide.
Treasures of the Ohn’ahran Plains – Added guide.
Who’s a Good Bakar? – Added guide.

Quest Achievements
Drop It Like It’s Hot – Added guide.
River Rapids Wrangler – Added guide.
Sojourner of Azure Span – Added guide.
Sojourner of Ohn’ahran – Added guide.
Sojourner of Thaldraszus – Added guide.
Sojourner of the Waking Shores – Added guide.

Battle Pets

3 thoughts on “This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For March 10th, 2023

  1. Dave

    REALLY appreciate the effort you guys put into making this the best WOW guide out there. I’ve had you by my side for several years now .. hopefully for several more.

  2. Chris in Ashburn

    Wow, you guys have been really busy. tbh, I was considering cancelling my sub as Zygor hasn’t been much use in Dragonflight. Having seen this list, I think I’ll keep you guys around for a bit longer.


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