Tomb of Sargeras Guides and Gold Guide Scanning Fixes

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The Tomb of Sargeras raid is now available and we’ve added several new guides for LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties. This update also includes general fixes, improvements, and updates across various guide types.

Also, recently, some users have been experiencing issues with the Auction House scanning function of the Gold Guide. This was discovered to be a result of a bug introduced on Blizzards end. This issue would result in the Gold Guide reporting “0 items scanned” even after what appeared to be a successful full scan. Blizzard fixed some things in patch 7.2.5, enough that we were able to provide a workaround. We’ve also improved the overall scan functionality with better status messages and to be smoother and more responsive.

Since this is an extensive update if you have any problems you should first try a clean installation by clicking the wrench icon on the Zygor Guides Client, uninstall, and then reinstall the guides new. If you have any issues after trying that please report them in this section of the forum:

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

5 thoughts on “Tomb of Sargeras Guides and Gold Guide Scanning Fixes

  1. Nickolas Hanks

    I have noticed one additional “bug” or problem with the zygor auction house tool…First I will say that the scan feature does work now when under the “Sell” tab of the zygor AH. And I thank y’alls team for your hard work to find the issue. The problem I have found is when under the “Buy” tab it will get stuck scanning the items I am trying to purchase. Meaning, say I open the Gold Guide after zygor scans the AH. And under the Auction tab of the guide it might say Stormscales are at an all time low and that I should buy “x amount”. So I add stormscales to my buy tab and it’ll bring open what auctions are available for it. After I buy one, zygor does an auto scan to update it and that’s where it kind of freezes on the scan. The “buy” button will be greyed out saying “buying” and under the Auctions tab of the gold guide it will be froze saying: “scanning: analyzing auction data…”
    I am unsure if y’all are aware of this issue.

    PS: I am a huge fan of y’alls guides and product. Keep up the great work.

    1. Zygor Post author

      Are you using Version 16198 of the guides? This issue should be fixed in this version. If you’re still having the issue, please tell us what server you are on and what item it is getting stuck on.

      1. Nick Hanks

        Yes I have the updated version. I am on Hyjal server. It’s not any one particular item. It is every item I try to buy under the “buy” tab. It will even say in the chat box that I bought the item but the “buy” button will be stuck on “buying” and the Gold guide auction tab will be stuck saying “Scanning: analyzing auction data”.


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