Zygor Elite Subscription Plan and Pricing Changes

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At Zygor Guides, we have always strived to have the highest quality content with the most innovative features to enhance players’ gameplay experience.

Currently, across the base game and its 7 expansions, we now have almost 8000 guides per faction, covering Leveling, Dungeons, Dailies, Gold, Professions, Collectibles, Achievements, and more. So far, we have over 500 guides for Classic.

Throughout the various versions of our Guide Viewer addon, we have introduced dozens of game-changing innovations and features that have come to define what players can expect from in-game guides, including:

  • Talent Advisor
  • Smart Injection System
  • Travel System
  • Gear Finder
  • Quest Reward Advisor
  • Pet/Mount Detector
  • Sticky Steps
  • Find Nearest NPC
  • Notification Center
  • Gear Advisor
  • Points of Interest
  • Guide Tabs
  • Share Mode

Many of these guides and features are only found exclusively in Zygor Guides.

For new patches and expansions, we have consistently had the most guide content available on DAY ONE of each new release. This has always been an important goal for us because we know players want to experience as much of each new expansion as they can immediately upon release.

New Zygor Elite Subscription Changes:

Maintaining guides for a game as enormous and ever-changing as World of Warcraft requires us to invest significant resources into an expanding team of skilled writers and developers. As we continue to add more content and features, we may occasionally adjust our plans and prices accordingly. For this reason, we will soon be simplifying and making the following changes to our subscription plans:

(We will no longer offer a 6 month plan)

These new changes will go into effect on October 18th. If you are already a Zygor Elite subscriber, your subscription price will not change at all as long as your subscription remains active. However, if you cancel your subscription and wish to reactivate at a later date, you will need to sign up at the new rates. For this reason, we encourage everyone to sign up before October 18th if you wish to lock in the current rates.

Shadowlands Launch Plans…

We will be starting to share news about our Shadowlands guides very soon. We are extremely excited to reveal the new features and improvements we’ve been cooking up for Zygor Guide Viewer 8, and once again, we will have the most Shadowlands guides available anywhere on day one!

52 thoughts on “Zygor Elite Subscription Plan and Pricing Changes

  1. FLo C

    I have to say that I found your guides to be most helpful since I’m a solo player. the price is well worth it to me. thanks again for all the hard work you guys and gals do on getting the guides down and getting the bugs taken care of.

  2. Antoniy Donev

    I’m sorry but at 11.5 $ it costs almoust as much as wow sub thats over 20$ a month to play a game too much for someone from Eastern Europe !

  3. Enigomontoya

    Unsubbed a few months back as there was no new content in wow and didn’t see the point of paying for something I wasn’t using. Came back for shadowlands and went to renew Zygor and it went from 4.99 to 9.99 a month/ 100% increase! No emails warning of price changes. And this only changed 2 weeks ago…. ugh. Would resub for 4.99… but 9.99 cant do

    1. Zygor Post author

      We sent an email notifying about the change a month before the price change took effect. The price increased from 7.99 to 9.99, as we have not increased our pricing at all since we introduced subscriptions in 2015. We are a small business that has to keep up with increasing wages, and hiring more staff to help keep 2 massive games updated as fast as we can. Sorry you no longer find value in the guides, we hate to see you go! 🙁

  4. Alan

    Zygor is a great product and have used it for years, i do agree the price rise may not appeal to most because of some of the bugs that are still present as explained in previous comments.

    Personally i prefer the 6 month pricing as i normally renew zygor along side the 6 month sub on WoW which is a perfect option for me and possibly others who sometimes play a lot then take breaks like i do, this price rise may come at a shock to most along with the removal of the 6 months option, though it is great to see that some will be honored on current pricing will this include 6 months sub too even if we take breaks from WoW.

    I seen this before on the previous price rise when Elite was still new which was decently priced and affordable to those who are on low income, upon my renewal though i now have to pay the new price as it is now. will this happen again in the future or will we be locked into current pricing even if we take breaks from WoW and come back at a later time.

    I do hope the team at Zygor listen to their current subscribers as i can see that most may not renew their subscriptions in the future, even more to note that with covid-19 might be the wrong time to increase prices due to most becoming lower on income in these tough times which could result in loss of subscriptions for zygor too.

    Zygor is a fantastic product and i would love to continue using it in the future and has helped many people including myself when new content is released, and i do love the product myself but there are times when the price may get to high that most people may not be to afford to keep the subscription. I also understand that it takes a lot of hard work to keep the guides current but a lower price means more subscribers as it will become more affordable for everyone to use these guides and also contribute to the developers hard work. By looking at statistics if its affordable more people will use zygor which will level out zygor income to continue developing the product. If too high less people will use the guides which could again result in another rise in price again into a price raising cycle.

  5. D H

    I purchased the older guides and was pleased with the complete guides and no additional prices. As it is now, with the subscription model, there just isn’t much value. Raising the price was a mistake and the times that I’ve had my account (an OG supporter account) reverted to the new sub cost… it’s just ridiculous.

    Any change of a credit card – and update or lapse – suddenly you guys want to charge a higher rate.

    I don’t see this new price playing out well for you guys. I know I will not be continuing my sub.

    Like many have said, there are several bugs and your app is not proving much better than the free apps.

  6. Sherry

    I love the guides and have been using them since 2008. I appreciate all the work and effort that the Zygor Team has put into creating the guides.

    Everyone complaining about the price, please read the article again. If you are already an elite user and are paying $4.99 your price remains the same. If you don’t have the guide and want to lock in the current price of $7.99, please do so now. After October 18th the price will be $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year. They are doing away with the 6 month subscription. If I have misquoted something, I am sure the Zygor Team will correct me.

    I do not find bugs in these guides other an the occasional arrow pointing me in the wrong direction. It is easy to correct by clicking on the quest in the guide to get redirected.

    The naysayers should take a look at all the options in the guide, make sure you have everything properly checked to your tastes and how you like to play the game. Zygor has a great support team and a discord channel if you need assistance. They have worked very hard on their product. I am a user that really appreciates it.

    Looking forward to Shadowlands.

    Thank you Zygor

  7. Rick

    I do have to say there are some major bugs to work out. World quests guide for rep grinding suck, pretty much says do world quests. Why not have it pull up all the world quest and map the quickest way possible??? The AH feature bugs out and instead of going down the list to post it jumps all off the list, the navigation arrow and path do not give the best route, takes you the long way in most cases. When you select to be navigated to a world quest you shouldn’t have to click it on the map, then go to your quest log and click it agin for it to be displayed on nav. The main features people use are buggy, I understand it’s a company and needs to be keeping with the current content but you are not keeping up on your end of the product to just increase it. Fix the issues, then increase the price as it’s worth it. But 9.99 a month or 99.99 a year is a bit steep if it’s going to be used by your general subscribers, even with the grandfathered clause. I use other addons to over come the issues or googling.

  8. Bill Cedrum

    I’m a beta tester for Shadowland and I miss Zygor. I have played WoW since day one and used, and loved, Zygor since I first came across it. Greetings from Sweden.

  9. Mr David Edmonds

    It would have been helpful if you could have given the current pricing so we can see how much the increase is. By the way never a need for a great product to to start saying its a price rise guys by pointing out how wonderful it is, just deliver the news

  10. Steve Baker

    First, people didn’t actually read the post, because at the end it says that the price for active subscribers will NOT change…. so those saying “this is BS I have to pay more now!” please re-read or actually read the post and not just the title. I got this guide for classic WoW and it has been worth every penny. People have mentioned the pandemic as a reason why prices shouldn’t be raised, but companies have their OWN bills to pay too!! I can only speak for the WoW classic guide.

  11. Helen

    I have been using the guide for years. I would be lost if I didnt have the guide. The free addons are not helpful when leveling or doing other things in the game. I dont have a problem with the price I understand that it helps out the employees. Thank you for all the work you do. All things have bugs.

  12. Steve

    Like many others said before me it’s pretty messed up to change the price during a pandemic and your guide is broken as all heck. The draenor content is so bad that I had to use a completely different guide. The add-on is huge and slows the game down there is no way to turn off some of the features, I hate the zygor auction house helper it’s bad and it breaks better add-ons. I was trying to use the guide just yesterday to gain rep for a faction and the guide just said reach exalted with the faction, no duh how though that’s your one job tell me how. I will not be resubscribing. Hopefully you guys actually fix this garbage but I doubt you actually will since it’s obvious that you never fixed draenor.

  13. N0bodi42

    You should actually get this app to be more than a leveling guide, while only a lazy half-a$$ed application that doesn’t guide for really anything else, before you raise prices.

  14. Theodore

    I am using Zygor for 1 month and I have leveled a mage and a shaman to 60 along the way. I am happy with some things and not happy with some others. Mostly I’m unhappy and I will not renew the subscription because the guide which I’m paying monthly more than I do for WoW itself, is supposed to be flawless.

    Well, the guide is far from being flawless as there are so many errors. Now you want to up the prices atop of the pandemic where everyone has money issues.


  15. Kay

    Horrible… the guide was useless, and we still paid a monthly fee for NO Reason. Now u guys actually have to do some work, aka – make the shadowlands guides and u wanna raise the price of the guide on the community?
    A guide that u can find free addons for?
    This is a disgrace. How do u guys have the courage, heart and audacity to up the prices of the guide during a pandemic and taking in account that the guide was already pretty pricy considering is just a lvling addon – something available for free for a long time now.

  16. Richard Coggins

    As with others, I am worried that when my current 6 months expire I will be forced to re-subscribe at the new price. Please confirm this wont be the case Zygor.

  17. Cheri

    Zygor has been my best friend in WOW since 2010. If the cost became too high to keep using Zygor content, I would have to give up playing WOW. Thank you for keeping the Grandfather terms. Appreciate all the work your people do to keep us playing.

  18. Ronald

    I see no valid reason to make a buggy product more pricey. Srly you nav work bad, so I have to look it up on google anyway. 20% increase for an increasing buggy and irritating program

  19. Dave

    Add a choice to change to the new price without dropping and then resubscribing please. I really use your services and I don’t mind paying such a small amount to greatly reduce my time in game!

  20. Dead pool

    Is it expensive, or is it cheep? Either way you look at it, i would tell you that if you enjoy it, then find a way to get over the price change. My opinion (which ever one has on) is that, the company wants to improve the lives of there employees by charging a fair amount for their services. If you can’t afford it then play the game without it. If you can’t afford it, why are playing wow in the 1st place?

  21. Jason

    Wow I didn’t realize that you guys are going to raise the price of your guide. I have seen where the guide can be a buggy and not lead me the next zone to lvl sometimes. I have used the other add on Questie in the past and I thought yours would have been a better option because you would continue updates. I see you make other revenue from the ads on other websites I visit. It seems that maybe the 6 month option would be a better option for customers. I am sad to see the price change. Sorry for the rambling.

  22. Kristine Goodman

    Loved these guides when your monthly fee was $4.99/mo back in the day. Best help ever. I stepped away from WoW a few expansions ago, then preordered Shadowland and renewed Zygor a few months ago. I’m disappointed how many times I must google stuff to help with the guides. I can’t see hanging onto my subscription if that persists through year end. I applaud you for all the work you do, but WoW may just be too big to handle through all the expansions. And the 6 mo plan should still be available. Not everyone plays for an entire year, especially with a new expansion. After 6 months, you just need to step away, lol.

  23. James Gunn

    While I appreciate the granfathered in claus if anything were to happen to drop my sub, I wouldn’t resub. I have enough I have to look up outside of the addon on a regular basis and considering everything in Zygor “just about” can be found in another addon well. The thing I like is it reduces my number of addons by a significant amount. So thanks Zygor, but really I think your making a bad move.

  24. Daffo

    @Ken W
    I agree 100% – lvling from lvl 1, you truly see all the errors and mistakes that makes you google what to do and where to go, until you reach some point, where the guide can pick-up again.
    But that in itself is so frustrating – having to use other guides and tips, when this is a paid for option… :-/

  25. Thom

    I am not sure if I will be re-subscribing to Zygor once my sub expires. The reason is this…I am sick of leveling characters. I have done it so much I know every quest line in every zone in the game. I am a big fan of character boosting and I do that on every character I now have and every new character I create,

  26. Ken W

    Leveling a dozen alts while we have the XP buff I am finding the many errors still in the guide. How can you possibly justify raising prices when you have failed to address the many errors in the very foundation of your guides?

  27. Dexter

    I was looking at Shadowland and Blizzard made a ton of changes to the questing, first of all the Arrow is now ingame, no longer Zygor or any other addon is needed to put to the quest object it even shows you of the quest object is below or above you! Main quests are now marked with special icons, and sub quests are still using the normal icon. Leveling is really fast now without Zygor you just have to do the new starter arena and part of the BFA zones , you can also pick any other expansion to level… So it seems to me that Zygor will have a lot less value in Shadowland than it has now, like Blizzard basically build in a zone guide in the game now… so seems to be the worst posible time to raise the prices, also most of that changes are coming with the prepatch that can be release any day now…

  28. Matheus Moraes

    I just have to thank you. It has been a great experience, it helped me a lot. I started playing wow a little while ago. Zygor was a great help, I will continue with you until the end. I hope that someday it will have translations for Brazilians it would be of great help.

  29. Silentbidder

    Taking into account that the annual subscription is non-recurring, I am more than happy to have the monthly plan 🙂 and that I did not unsubscribe for the time I wasn’t playing WoW 🙂

  30. Rob Lowen

    So if you are currently on the semi-annual plan which will no longer be available, then you have to change plans which according to the menu results in losing the loyalty discount?
    Maybe i’m missing something but I don’t see how current members who don’t renew until next year can keep grandfathered pricing if your on a semi-annual plan…because when my renewal comes I am going to have to change plans.

    1. Zygor Post author

      If you contact support in a reasonable amount of time (a few days or so) to explain what happened, we will work with you. We understand things can happen, so we’re really only talking about people who make the active decision to unsubscribe.

  31. Gene Osburn

    Thanks Zygor! You guys and gals have been the lifeblood of me enjoying the game and catching up after being gone for way too long. And I agree with the rest… thanks for the grandfathering of the prices. Very classy. Wouldnt play WoW without your guides.

  32. Tracy Waite

    The grandfather clause is AWESOME! My husband and I love zygor we both have subscriptions to the service. We only recently started using it but you guys will have my business forever!


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