New Zygor Classic Feature: Class Skill Training Reminders

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In World of Warcraft: Classic, it’s very important to train and upgrade your class spells as you level.  This is different from Retail WoW where class spells are learned and upgraded automatically. If you don’t stay on top of this it can have a drastic impact on survivability and how effectively you level.

In order to help with this, we’re adding in a new feature: Class Skill Training Reminders. These are notifications that popup wherever you encounter an opportunity to train new abilities, such as when you first enter the game, when you level up, when you enter a capital city, or when you’re close to your class trainer. If you decide to postpone these notifications for later then the system will simply show a toast notification rather than the popup. When you’re ready, you can use the Find Trainer feature to have the Waypoint Arrow direct you to the trainer to pick up your skills.

This feature is available now in our latest update. You can learn more about how this feature works in our Product Manual.

5 thoughts on “New Zygor Classic Feature: Class Skill Training Reminders

  1. August

    Lovely feature – however some issues on my paladin particularly with lower level auras triggering notification when I have them. IE Devotion Aura Level 4 is active on the aura bar and it says I should go train Dev Aura 1 2 & 3.


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