Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 – Notifications Rework

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Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 Notification Improvements:

  • Zygor Button expanded to serve as Notification Center.
  • Smaller, less obtrusive toast notifications inform you of important info with less impact on gaming experience.
  • Additional toast message options (coming soon), including helpful guide and addon tips.
  • Can be freely moved anywhere on your screen and will adapt accordingly.

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Zygor’s Cataclysm Classic Guides and Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 will be available for download May 20th.

6 thoughts on “Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 – Notifications Rework

  1. Dan

    I think there is a check for ‘creature detector’ but I like the notification when it’s other people’s pets, just not mine! Thanks for the updates. Looks good.

  2. Jesper Ryskin

    Again, great updates!

    My biggest wish for Zygor would be a manual favourites list, where you can order guides in the order you would like to complete them, and a snooze function (for instance “snoozing” a raid guide until the next Weekly server reset).

    When it comes to new functions, I believe you could make a currency guide pretty easily which would also be unique and another USP for your guide. I am happy to share UI mockups on this if you provide me with the right e-mail to send it to :).

  3. Jesper Ryskin

    There is a check in place, but it does not stop the guide from showing. It will show the guide, including a text akin to “You already have this mount”.

  4. Dan

    I love having a companion pet out but sometimes I click on it when I’m trying to click on a quest giver or item or what not I accidentally click on the pet and the notification comes up how to get it. But I already have it so it’s annoying. Can you do a check or something and if you have the pet/mount the notification won’t come up? That would be a big QOL feature for me.

    1. Zygor Post author

      I believe there should already be a check in place that lets you know if you already have the pet or mount. We’ll take a look at it to make sure everything is working right and see if there’s any extra things we can do to make it clearer. Thanks for the suggestion!


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