Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 – Travel System Rework

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Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 Travel System Improvements:

  • Choose the waypointing style you prefer with 4 new presets:
    Direct (beeline), Simple (relaxed), Advanced (speed), or Custom.
  • Improved boat/zeppelin handling and new traveling animations.
  • New option to add an outline around travel text for better visibility.
  • Guide Viewer 9.5 updates coming to all game versions: Retail, Classic, Cata.

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Zygor’s Cataclysm Classic Guides and Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 will be available for download May 20th.

3 thoughts on “Zygor Guide Viewer 9.5 – Travel System Rework

  1. myrroddin

    I suggest renaming “Direct” to “No Items, Spells, or Taxis” or “No Travel System”. If I didn’t watch the video, “Direct” sounds like it has the functionality of “Advanced”.


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