Zygor Guides Is Looking For More Guide Writers To Join The Team

by (5 weeks ago).

We are once again looking for new guide writers to join the Zygor Guides team. This will involve creating new guides of all types (Leveling, Dailies, Dungeons, Professions, Collectibles, ect.) and for all versions of the game (Retail, Classic and TBC).

The key qualities we’re looking for are people with vast knowledge of the game, sharp attention to detail, and the ability to figure out how to do things in the game in an optimized manner.

This is a remote position open to anyone in the United States. You will be able to work from home but will be required to provide all your own computer equipment needed to run the game and related guide writing tools.

If you make it past the interview stage there is an initial training period where we will test your skills on optimization and basic guide syntax. You will be paid during this time. Pay starts at minimum wage with the opportunity for quick advancement to $10-$12 once out of the training period. We also offer fully employer paid benefits for health, dental, and vision.

If this is an opportunity you would be interested in you can apply here.

5 thoughts on “Zygor Guides Is Looking For More Guide Writers To Join The Team


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  2. Chuck Shoemaker

    I would do it for free initially if you were to teach me XML and allow me the ability to contribute. I am retired so I have the time.


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