Zygor Guides Launches Official Discord Server!

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Today we’re excited to announce a new way to interact and engage with the Zygor Guides community: an official Zygor Guides server on the chat service Discord.

For those unfamiliar with Discord it is a free instant messaging and voice over IP client aimed primarily at gamers. In addition to being able to communicate directly with other gamers you can also join servers specifically setup for different communities, like the Zygor one we’re launching today. All you need to do is install the Discord client and then join our public Discord server here: https://discord.gg/FHyK7wA

On this server you can use the dedicated channels to be notified of important announcements, find people to play with, and talk with other users about using Zygor Guides. We also have a channel exclusive to Zygor Elite members where they provide input and feedback on new features in development. In order to access this channel, you must have an active Zygor Elite subscription and link your discord account to your Zygor Guides profile.

Please note that this chat service is being launched in an experimental status to see how things go. It’s possible this service may not be kept as a permanent feature of Zygor Guides. Also, this chat server is not meant as a replacement for the forums or live chat for support issues. If you need immediate assistance you should still contact us via the support page. This is just meant as a way for users to talk and become a part of the conversation surrounding Zygor Guides products.

11 thoughts on “Zygor Guides Launches Official Discord Server!

  1. Tim

    It worked just fine for me. You all do realize that when you click the link, and you get the “create” account area, that you only need to look down a little to click on the “already have an account: sign in” link, right? It’s not making you create a new account. It assumes that you don’t have one, but has the “already” link below. Click that. I did and it worked just fin.

    1. Zygor Post author

      It should be taking you to where you can log in to your existing account, and then once you authorize the link it should tell you how to access the server.

      1. TheZeldrak

        The provided Discord link does not take you to the Zygor Discord channel. It prompts you to create a whole new account. The Discord link looks different from what you posted. The link to join will look something similar to this: https://discord.gg/. Hopefully you guys get it updated quickly. I’ve been waiting for this day to come! 😀


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