Major Zygor Guide Update For Patch 7.3.5

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A new update (Version 6.1.17315) is now available that adds in content and addon updates for Patch 7.3.5 releasing on US servers today.

You can now access the updated Wound in the World zone and pick up a faction-themed questline for Alliance or Horde. Leveling scaling is now available throughout the game and our guide order suggestions have been updated to reflect this. The “next guide” popups have been updated to suggest our recommended next zone to level in, but you can now also manually pick a different zone at anytime to enjoy the freedom of level scaling.

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7 thoughts on “Major Zygor Guide Update For Patch 7.3.5

  1. Robert Fleming

    I have the latest version but there is no info or option to select the wound in the world questline also when i try to select the 7.5 questing from the guide on the first page it keeps coming up with an error saying no guide

  2. Hypno Toad

    I am wondering, you say its on US atm, but what about us in the EU? Not that any of my toons so far fit the bill to even begin the questline, but it would be nice to know if its been updated to the EU client side of you guide system aswell already.

    In any case, keep up the good work, love youre guide and are havening a blast leveling new toons the old way, have gotten some nice x-mogs I didnt even knew existed thanks to doing old world quests again 🙂

  3. PavlovGW

    Was wondering if y’all were going to have an update for this, and sure enough, here it is. Thanks a lot. I imagine the work required to have this ready for today was pretty intense. Always been happy with my purchase, even almost 10 years later!


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