Zygor Updates For June 14th, 2019

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Version: 7.0.20348

A new version is available (7.0.20348) that adds in a number of fixes and improvements to existing guides. For the full list of changes see our changelog.

Patch 8.2 and Classic

Most of our work right now is focused on adding in all the new content for Patch 8.2, so while our updates may look minimal in terms of recent changes rest assured a lot of new content is actually being prepared behind the scenes.

We’re also busy in Classic Beta working on guides for the release of World of Warcraft Classic this August. We have a wave of new details about this release that we will start revealing very soon.

9 thoughts on “Zygor Updates For June 14th, 2019

  1. Christopher A Shirley

    I was wondering if you guys would be providing a Addin for Classic. Glad that you are, I was thinking I would be lost without Zygor in Classic!


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