New Zygor Guides Feature: Search By Quest!

by (10 months ago).

At long last, one of the most requested features by the Zygor Community has been added and is rolling out in our latest update (Version 7.0.20069). For more information on how to use this new feature to its full potential see our guide manual page here:

18 thoughts on “New Zygor Guides Feature: Search By Quest!

  1. Pete

    This is simply fantastic for cleaning up your quest log, thank you for all the hard work to make this feature and thorough addon, I can’t imagine playing WoW without it!

  2. Tim

    You folks are “simply the best.” I want to say thank you for everything you do! Having Zygor throughout the years has been invaluable! With every new feature, I love you more. Thanks for taking good care of us!

  3. Earl

    Nice update, thank you. But I wanted to take a moment to comment: whoever does the vocal for your video is knocking it outta the park! Perfect levels of informative, friendly and enthusiasm – I’m a stage actor who has done some small (really, really small) VO work, and was very impressed. He deserved to be recognized!

  4. ZalidTheBur

    This is something so many of us have wanted for so long. Finally it’s here. This is going to make using the guides so much easier as I for one have been frustrated on so many occasions trying to find the guide that covers that quest. Thank you so much.


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