Zygor’s Battle For Azeroth Guides Now Available!

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The wait is over. Zygor’s Guides for Battle for Azeroth along with Zygor Guide Viewer 7 is now available for download! You can access The Battle for Azeroth with a Zygor Elite subscription (sign up here). The new Guide Viewer is available to all members, regardless of subscription status.

Note: We will announce the winners of our Blizzard Card Giveaway in an upcoming blog post.

This update includes:

New “Glass” User Interface Skin
New Guide Tabs Feature
New Share Mode Feature

Allied Race Unlocks
Intro and Quest Zone Choice Starting Guide
Full 110-120 Questing Guides for Kul Tiras (Alliance) and Zandalar (Horde)
War Campaign Guide

10 New Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Guides

Battle for Azeroth World Quest Guides

Kul Tiran and Zandalari Profession Guides


26 thoughts on “Zygor’s Battle For Azeroth Guides Now Available!

  1. thisguyyouknow

    Was going to play wow again and needed a few BFA guides, only to find I can’t buy them individually anymore. Really!? $8 monthly? I’ve been with you from the start. This sucks Zygor. Email me if you decide to bring Basic service back.

  2. Nemmy

    You guys are so cheap lol you’ve gotten hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of value on saved man-hours grinding for gold or powerleveling, but you’re too cheap to buy the price of a McDonalds combo once a month. Don’t listen to these cheapskates, Zygor.

  3. esther johnstone

    We should take our comments etc to social media ,maybe that way Zygor will finally listen and maybe take notice of the problems that they are causing,we pay for a service not for buggy guides,we pay for something tha works,Not Broken.

  4. esther johnstone

    considering the guides are partially broken at the moment quite buggy,the auctions dont update,if this is what we pay a subscription for then it definitely is time to switch to another more reliable less buggy guide.Other guides were released up to 3 days before zygor,at least you can buy their guides outright not the con of a monthly subscription.

  5. Tronea

    Been here since cata and I guess it’s time to leave.
    I would be glad to pay for the guide but there is no way that i’ll get limited time content with a subscription.
    Best of luck for you guys.

  6. Susan Rodgers

    Well that’s it for me. I have been using your guide since the start and I, like the rest of the people will not pay a monthly fee for a guide. I didn’t mind paying for the guide but will not pay for it monthly. It’s a shame that people have to get so greedy when they have a good thing going for them. Good luck in your monthly rental fee. I’m done.

  7. NIghtelf777

    Have been with Zygor since the start…done 25 lvl 102’s and taken 12 of those to 110…and over 10 other alts to various levels…its been a great help…but I will Not pay monthly for a guide. as stated above by all the others, Zygor, you have a captive audience that will pay you a once off fee, as we have done in the past…why lose that?.. its a real shame…

  8. Tom Beckman

    I too am disappointed. I would like the option of just purchasing the updated guide to 120. I can not afford the monthly fee, as I have children and many bills. Wish you would change your mind on the subscription. Guess I will look elsewhere for other means of leveling.

  9. Karellan

    Have used the new updated guide and… I’m impressed! All the issues I previously mentioned have been fixed and the UI is GREATLY IMPROVED! Zygor is back!
    As to those complaining about the subscription — if a few bucks a month is too much for you (less than $50/year for me), then maybe you should consider spending your time building some skills to make better money. The subscription is actually CHEAPER than the former method in the long run. Even if that wasn’t the case, consider the use you get out of it versus how little you pay for it. At $5 a month, that’s ALMOST 17 cents a day. If you can’t afford that, you’ve got bigger problems than a subscription model. Grow up!

    1. Jetglo

      Karellan, do you seriously think Zygor are going to a subscription to lose money? Of course the subscription costs more, that’s the reason they’re switching to it. I have payed for all the guides up to BfA, so where is the value for me in paying the same as a new customer just to get the latest guide?

      I have plenty of money, and part of the key to that is looking for the value in purchases. $5 a month is a third of what Blizzard want to access their game, which is a lot more complex than a Zydor guide.

      Rather than ranting at people, consider that choice is always a good thing for customers, and trying to force them into a model they don”t want is bad for business. Do what you want, but don’t lecture me on economics or make assumptions about peoples financial positions.

    2. Raymond Fenton

      Honestly, if they’re losing “customers” by switching their model, it’s probably to get rid of the cheapskates who will never give them a profit. Why does everyone always treat game developers or content creators like trash if they try to make a profit? Do you expect them to house their family in cardboard boxes so you can save 7 bucks a month?

  10. Joe

    Not sure why the change when the subscription came out I was under the impression that those who had purchased guides would always have the option to purchase guides and not have to become subscription members. Disappointed, I’m not interested in the subscription I just want ronpirchase the guides as I have done in the past.

  11. Karellan

    I will say this… There is A LOT of errors in the guides now. The way point arrow is crap, and they don’t seem too interested in fixing it. Many times it has you going to the wrong destination. Additionally, very often the steps are outdated or cumbersome and not fully efficient. There’s been several times during the Legion content where it had me doing quests that didn’t grant reputation. Like the goblin hoodwinking quest in the quasi-Viking zone. Why do all of that if it’s just a big fat dud? Now to think I’m paying a subscription fee when the guide isn’t as good as it used to be? I may be leaving as well.

  12. calvin

    Shocked and disappointed to find out its a subscription only model. As others have stated, i would have paid outright for a BFA guide, however i am not at all willing to pay a subscription fee, especially when there are free guide addons that are as accurate these days.

    Sorry to leave, i have been a user for a long time. Hopefully they will change this.

  13. david austin

    Well heres the thing,ive been with zygor since almost the beginning,purchased the guides outright,then when the subscription model was introduced there was supposed to be a special offer for people who had bought the guides,on contacting support i was told i would have to pay the full price since there was a so called billing issue definitely not on my side on there side rest assured,now having to pay the full price for their subscription product i may well be leaving zygor as well,they also stopped updating there eso guides another downside.

    Considering not mentioning any names but other guides for bfa were released over 3 days ago,come on were paying a premium price we should get premium service.
    Thoroughly disappointed.

  14. Lich

    I too am leaving Zygor. Faithful standalone user since MoP. You think I’m giving you $8 a month for the next 2 1/2 years? Nope. I would buy the standalone but I do not support the greedy subscription model – gouging.

  15. CH

    I will be leaving Zygor. I have been a faithful user for many years. The change, unless I misunderstood, to subscription only is not a change I am interested in following. I would gladly purchase a guide but refuse to rent a guide. Sad to part ways. Happy Gaming.


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