Zygor’s Dungeon & Gear Guide Updated With Raids!

by (4 years ago).

We are very excited to announce that Zygor’s Dungeon & Gear Guide has been updated to include Raids! We’ve heard your requests and have added in 40 brand new raid guides that cover over 216 bosses. This is a free update for everyone who already owns the Dungeon & Gear guide and it’s now included with any new purchase of these guides as well. To get the new guides simply update via the Zygor Guides Client¬†or purchase a copy here.

9 thoughts on “Zygor’s Dungeon & Gear Guide Updated With Raids!

  1. robert fatzinger

    i updated zygor today and i have no option for raids when i run the game, the new client is very buggy. The guide also does not tell me if i have the current version, but its says im up to date.

  2. Gaenjin

    If you folks could, please indicate which game in the email subjects and blog titles. I do not play WoW and I can’t tell if an update notice is in regards to ESO or not. If it wasn’t for the screenshot in this blog, I wouldn’t know that it was related to WoW, especially since I don’t play that game enough to be familiar with it. Thanks!

  3. Victor Dutro

    I have the leveling guide for ESO.

    It would be helpful to add what quest the arrow is pointed at. I can’t tell which one I am following. I most of the time want to pick up the other quests in the area before moving on. It would be nice to have the option of doing those and going back to following directions from the guide but it is confusing to get back in sync with the guide.


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