Zygor’s Guides For World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Now Available!

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Today is the official release for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and Zygor’s all new guides for this expansion are now available for download. An early access version of the new addon was released to all Zygor Elite members on Saturday and the final Launch Day update is rolling out now as well so be sure to update through the Zygor Guides client before heading out into the Dragon Isles.

If you’re not already a Zygor Elite member you can sign up here.

Here is a recap of all that has been added in this version:

  • New Dracthyr Evoker Starter Guide
  • All new 60-70 guides for the 4 new zones the Dragon Isles
  • Dragon Riding Glyphs locations guide
  • 8 new Dragonflight Dungeon Guides
  • Dragon Isles World Quest Guides (with World Quest Planner support)
  • Renown Reputation Guides for Dragon Isles factions
  • New Feature: Startup Orientation
  • New Feature: Improved Notifications
  • New Feature: Customizable Home Screen

23 thoughts on “Zygor’s Guides For World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Now Available!

  1. Brands

    I love these guides and I have been using them for YEARS (since cataclysm off and on). Without them I almost feel a little lost so this is a wonderful addon. But since my last foray into the WoW universe (basically the beginning of November), I’ve noticed the addon has consistent issues with the new UI. I constantly have to /re because I get a popup that the addon isn’t working the UI. After that it works, but I’m not sure if you guys were aware of this bug so I thought I’d mention it. It’s only a minor annoyance but it IS an annoyance at the least.

  2. Sanno

    As others have said, there’s some big things missing from Dragonflight guides like professions and even worse, no one from Zygor is saying anything about it.

    1. Dee

      I agree, when will we get Dragonflight guides for professions, can’t wait quick enough, can you guys at least give us some form of timeframe if possible, thanks

  3. WolfVisionTV

    Hi ! I think there is a problem…
    I can’t access to guide for Dragonflight Dungeons.. They are gray and Zygor says : “Zygor Elite guide. Not in trial.” but i’m an Elite member..
    I don’t understand..
    Thanks for answer !

  4. Dean

    New layout … but dont see anything with dragonflight questing … made sure Zygor updated and everything…. also had to disable it was locking up keys …. and that annoying pop up telling me which char has gear for this char …etc.

  5. Danielle

    Getting this error upon startup every time:

    Error during initialization sequence ‘ItemScore’:
    …nterface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/Item-ItemScore.lua:236: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
    =[C]: ?
    @Interface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/Item-ItemScore.lua:236: in function `SetStatWeights’
    @Interface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/Item-ItemScore.lua:131: in function `RefreshUserData’
    @Interface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/Item-ItemScore.lua:88: in function `Initialise’
    @Interface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/Item-ItemScore.lua:1291: in function `func’
    @Interface/AddOns/ZygorGuidesViewer/ZygorGuidesViewer.lua:697: in function
    ZGV v9.0.28218, WoW v10.0.2.46801


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