Zygor’s Dragonflight Guide Launch: New Feature – Customizable Home Screen

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Zygor’s Dragonflight Guides Day One Content:

  • New Dracthyr Evoker Starter Guide
  • All new 60-70 guides for the 4 new zones the Dragon Isles
  • Dragon Riding Glyphs locations guide
  • 8 new Dragonflight Dungeon Guides
  • Dragon Isles World Quest Guides (with World Quest Planner support)
  • Renown Reputation Guides for Dragon Isles factions
  • Professions and Collectibles coming soon after launch
  • New Feature: Startup Orientation
  • New Feature: Improved Notifications
  • New Feature: Customizable Home Screen

Sign up for Zygor Elite and gain access to the pre-patch version of these guides NOW which includes the new Dracthyr Evoker Starter guides and updated Talent Builds.

Zygor’s Dragonflight Guides will be available for download on November 26th.

17 thoughts on “Zygor’s Dragonflight Guide Launch: New Feature – Customizable Home Screen

  1. maddogg1210

    hey there, so from what i’ve seen this is suppose to be active as of the 26th, but for some reason i still cannot find the edit, or even have my view the same as you have on screen. thanks in advance

  2. Pyrelivia

    I just want to start by saying your guides are amazing they’ve saved me a of time and sanity 🙂 that being said will there be a way to save favorite guides for use on all characters? So that you don’t have to manually add each to every alt like we must do now? For example all the bonus areas in WoD zone have guides and if I add one to my favorites and am leveling up another character I still have to go through and all those guides to favorites for the new alt I’m leveling? If this is at all possible I would really love to see that added as a feature 🙂


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