Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides Day One Content

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Day One Content Includes:
1-10 Exiles Reach Starter Guide
50-60 Shadowlands Guides covering the 4 Huge New Zones
Covenant Questline Guides
8 New Dungeon Guides and 1 New Raid Guide
Shadowlands World Quests and Covenant Dailies
Shadowlands Professions Guides

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check back tomorrow for another video!

20 thoughts on “Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides Day One Content

  1. Karl

    I would like to see a better gold making guide. I would like to be able to make enough gold each month with zygor to afford my WoW sub. That would keep me with Zygor indefinitely.

  2. Skye

    I agree with Pete. Zygor seems broken right now and it is the worst possible time to increase the price of the Sub. I am getting repeating errors. Zygor tells me to turn in a quest at a location and to an npc that is not there. Zygor tells me to go someplace and accept a quest from an npc that is either not there or does not offer me a quest. Zygor repeatedly tells me to go someplace and I will automatically accept a quest. I go there and I do not automatically accept any quest. Fix Zygor and then ask people to pay more. imho.

  3. Pete

    Guys I came here ready to resub. I understand what you guys do takes alot of work and you should be compensated for it. But dudes!! Another $2 up in price?! You do realize we’re in a once in a lifetime economic downturn due to the covid crisis? Normally an extra $2 isn’t a big deal but pretty soon Zygor will be the same price as a WoW sub. I don’t think I’ll be subbing. Good luck though. I would recommend Zygor to anyone especially if they need help with achievements and old guides. But that monthly fee is punishing.

  4. Trobnor

    so the thing that bothers me most is how bad the suggested guides are.
    why is there no feature that recommends easy to get mounts
    or marks world quests that you need for achievements and mounts or pets
    and the way point system in dungeons is horrible just did return to kara and my god is it a mess

    any chance for those inclusions or fixes?

    1. Zygor Post author

      We’ve overhauled the way suggestions are done with a new feature in ZGV8. You’ll see this feature in Thursday’s video.

      As for Dungeons, Blizzard doesn’t allow the normal waypoint arrow system in Dungeons so, unfortunately, what you see is the best that is possible.

  5. Peralor

    I have used Zygor guides for years and it is always very helpful. Being in both Alpha and Beta of Shadowlands there are a lot of quests that involve just talking to a person to start things. I know there are scripts for this but wondered if it could be added within the guide to auto talk to make progression quicker?

  6. Jos

    Having played Shadowlands beta with no add-ons or guide, I am so pleased this is ready for launch day, it will really help. I am in the UK, no idea why people are being so picky.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let them get you down 🙂

  7. Jay

    It’s pretty clear that this strategy was a terrible idea. What business school teaches “hide product details from customers”? Zygor is getting less and less valuable, and it feels like y’all are hiding something.

    1. Zygor Post author

      All of our past launches we’ve released individual videos slowly over the course of the week. The key difference this time was we released all of our videos at once as a single live stream for those who tuned in for the special event, so if anything, we held less back this time. This was done to make the reveal a community thing where people could chat in real time as things were revealed. However, we’ll take your feedback into consideration in the planning of our future launches.

  8. Dana

    Thanks for the info. I guess I just don’t understand why the complete YouTube stream is not available to watch in its entirety? I also don’t understand the snippy answer to ” Should be working for everyone now, including folks in Europe.” I think the person along with me just wanted to watch the stream at our leisure if we could not be there at the time of your reveal. (Yeah I live in Europe too)

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Zygor Post author

      It was something new we tried. We wanted to make it special for folks who joined us for the live stream and to encourage people to tune in. All the same content will be made available throughout this week. The other comment wasn’t intended to be a snippy answer. I actually didn’t understand what they meant by not letting Europeans watch the video. There are no restrictions on Europeans, but perhaps they were confused about yesterdays video being set to private after it aired. We will take your comments into consideration for the future though.

  9. Jirachi93

    So… That is great! But explaining what will be available on day one is not the same as a release date right? From what I know, you announced the preview video and also told us that the release date for the update will be revealed which didn’t end up happening. Will the update be available a day or so before the start of Shadowlands? From previous expansions I know that you guys always wait until the last second and it happened that it wasn’t actually available when the Expansion launched which wasn’t too great. I really hope that you guys will go for an early release to make sure that it will be ready for everyone when it kicks off.

    1. Zygor Post author

      We did something new for this launch by revealing all the details of our new guides in a scheduled YouTube stream yesterday. You had to tune in to the stream to catch that video, as we set it to private a few hours after it aired. However, we will be releasing the contents of that live event as individual segments all throughout this week for those who missed it. We did announce all of this in advance but we’ll try to be even more clear in the future. In yesterday’s live stream video we revealed the guides will be released this Friday, well in advance of the expansion.


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