Zygor Guides Update: Enhanced Talent Suggestions for Classic SoD Phase 2

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Hello, Zygor Community!

We are happy to share that our talent guides for WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery Phase 2 have just been enhanced with our most recent client update 1.1.30343.

What’s New?

  • Talent Builds with Rune Suggestions: Alongside our talent guides, we’ve added a handy side panel that suggests the optimal runes to complement your chosen talents.

Classic SoD Phase 2 Talents Ready to Roll!

  • All Classes and Specs Covered: We’ve rolled out Phase 2 talent updates for every class and spec. 
  • New Side Panel Feature: Easily discover which runes to pair with your talents.

Preparing for Launch

  • Already Available: The updated talent suggestions have been made available in today’s update.
  • Continuous Improvements: As with all our guides, we’re committed to perfection. While there might be the occasional hiccup, we’re prepared to address any issues as they arise promptly.

How to Access the Update

  • Simple and Seamless: This update will be automatically available through the Zygor Client. Just make sure your client is up to date, and you’ll see the new talent and rune suggestions next time you log in.

Your Feedback Matters

  • Join the Improvement Process: Encounter something unexpected? Let us know! Your feedback is invaluable in helping us fine-tune our guides to perfection.

As always, Zygor is here to ensure you’re equipped for success and enjoyment.

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