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Zygor Guides vs Other Leveling Guides

This is a sticky topic.
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    Yeah, sometimes ZG Support gets over zealous when he's typing and makes some small typos. But then again, don't we all?
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      Tried a few

      I have used Brian's alliance guide and Janna's Horde guide. Zygor's is vastly superior and tons more convenient.

      I do miss a couple of features, however. Such as specific locations on the mini-map.

      I also strongly miss steps that indicate the direction of the next task. For example, if you need to kill x number of creatures, it would be nice if Zygor idicated the direction you should go to do them in a way that takes you to the next task. Also, some tasks can be done more simultaneously. Zygor doesn't always help you to do that.

      I guess I'm talking small stuff, but things that make your questing more efficient, none-the-less.


        Funny you should say that, because that's one thing I've noticed the guide *does* do - I have been impressed on how it will group kills together, or even tell me to 'kill 10 of (x) for a later quest' to save me going back and forth too much.

        Not to say that there aren't areas it could be optimised, but I'd be interested in seeing which quests you've found could be optimised more
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          I have to say I have leveled 2 toons using Zygors guides and found the guild to be great, but as people says sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side so I thought I would purchase Dugis guides as all the promotional email I got from them looked great (Thought it would even make my coffee). Honestly I have to say Zygors guide got re-installed very fast - as the other guide had me attemptng to take on NPC's 2 levels above me.

          If anyone is looking for a guide which is easy and very efficent do not look any further as Zygor has certainly got a winner here. The grass is not greener as my Credit card and numerious deaths whilst using the other guide proved that.



            Originally posted by evenstarlet View Post

            ...my Credit card and numerious deaths whilst using the other guide proved that.

            Get a refund
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              As someone who likes to try before I buy I was impressed enough with Zygors guide to purchase it, and the dailies guide shortly after.

              I tried Joana and Kopps guides, and was not very impressed with them.

              I have been playing Wow since Vanilla and have done end game raiding (3 times now) Vanilla stuff (zg mostly), BC (Kara, and lootreaver a few times), and now WotLK (Uld, onto Icecrown). Leveling has always been a pain in the butt, I remember camping out my first hunter at level 39, not wanting to grind out that last level so that I could get a mount, which would allow me to level much faster.... I remember stopping at 69 and leaving a character for months not wanting to grind out that last level after BC came out...

              I also recall purchasing Glider to finish grinding my hunter to 60 from 40something, same hunter I camped out at 39, for me in Vanilla and subsequently having that account banned due to violating the ToS of the game and having to start over....

              I can happily say that using Zygors guide I have in 2 weeks of outside game time (did not play during the week one week, I had a huge assignment due for school) gotten a BE Paladin from level 1-70 (just under 4 days /played). Not only did I get the toon from 1-70 but I went through zones that I had never even seen before.

              The guide allowed me to, in my mind, experience the game more than I ever have before. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the guides and hope to use the events and dailies guides shortly, I plan to hit 80 this weekend, should my son allow me to get enough game time in.

              Overall my final thoughts are, Zygor impressed me enough to actually cause me to purchase it, beyond that, it made leveling fun enough that I look forward to getting home and leveling. (I will admit I skipped work Monday so that I could pound out 68-70) I do not even feel like I am grinding, because I am always moving from one step to another, keeping me constantly interested in the game, it feels like I am being hand held through the entire leveling experience.

              My Father has quite a few 80s, over 6 on one server, and understand the leveling process quite well. I have always been amazed at how quickly he can get from 1- the max level, with what seems like minimal effort. I have blown him away using Zygors guide, we started two paladins at the same time, and were leveling together for the first 15 or so levels. After that weekend, I went home, turned on Zygor, and have left him in the dust. I did not play for almost an entire week, and still have him outleveled. (he is currently 63, I am 70!)

              This guide is truly amazing and worth every penny I paid for it, I look forward to leveling in Cata with this guide, and leveling many more toons after this Paladin hits 80 and has some badge gear.

              Thank you VERY, VERY much for this guide I am deeply satisfied.
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                Awesome, I'm glad you are enjoying the guides! Thanks for the testimonial. :-)
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                  Until it started bugging out and could no longer be updated, Jame's add-on leveling guide has been by far the best one I've ever used. It was clean, simple, and I still believe that Jame has better pathing than Zygor.

                  I mean, I'm using Zygor now and I don't have any major complaints, but I miss Jame's in-game guide from time to time.



                    I bougth wow-schools gold guide.

                    Yet i felt a bit disappointed as it is all text and a 7 step system with not that much there. I would of liked a video to explain more as you can't beat a voice especially as the trailer for the guide had that lovely voice. Also i thought they could of incorporated a addon into there guide somehow maybe showing the golds you need to get to the next step, suggested items and maybe some more ways to get gold in the first place.. also i felt it was a bit out dated unlike zygor who is updating frequently it seems understaffed and under maintained.

                    I just wish zygor had there gold guide out

                    Maybe give us a hint on what it will be and please not continual pages of text please incorporate videos zygor.
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                      I'm in the same boat as you i bought wow schools couldn't get more then 20 gold from scratch using that guild very basic no support nothing. "follow the 7 steps and you'll be fine"



                        yeh @ Malonstorm

                        I was hoping for a bit more instruction i managed to make 80g from a new toon after 1 and a 1/2 hours work, but that was on a high population server i tried it on a low and i made 30s in about 1 hours work (made about 10s from begging though)

                        I find its better if you start with 100g and follow the steps up, i do like the bit where they show you good items to sell but it still hasn't been updated for 3.3.5 and i would of liked videos.

                        Thank you,
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                          There you go,

                          Zygor when you make your gold guide, put some videos in it. Because wow-schools guide has NO videos and is rather quite bad.
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                            I was looking around for Power Leveling sites because I have been playing this game since the first month it came out. I only have 2 80's, yes I know that's bad for having played that long. The reason is simply.... I HATE LEVELING!!! Anywho, I was looking to buy Power Leveling, there were all these sites that were cheap, but they look scamtastic. The trusted ones are EXPENSIVE. Throughout my WoW time I had seen Zygor AD's all over the internet related to WoW. After basically 6 years of playing I said "F this, I'll just get a damn guide." This is my first and only Guide, aside from QuestHelper and Carbonite.... which I loath, for they weren't all that great to a veteran WoWer like me. Zygor just blew my mind away, as soon as I turned it on for my level 37 I was just amazed at reading the Guides 1-40 routes. I did have some difficulties at first, but I posted on the Forums and was basically answered instantly. Amazing support from the community here at Zygor Guides.

                            All in all, I love you. Questing seems like it's going to actually be fun for once after so many years.


                              This is my first guide ever. I was a skeptic but I swear by Zygor now however I still use it in conjunction with carbonite. Zygor will take you to an area to farm for quest items however sometimes it is not the BEST area it just happens to be the closest area for the next step progression. Used in conjunction with carbonite I can look at where Zygor wants me to go and where carbonite (using the highlighted quest map) says is the biggest area for farming. the only complaint I have is that I have to use both instead of them being intigrated into one entity however it is a very small complaint I love Zygor and I love Carbonite. I will definately buy your gold guide as long as it isnt a downloaded PDF like hayden Hawks gold guide I did not like taht at all it was more a guide about the best places to farm and increase skills not really a guide for making gold.


                                Your guide is awsome zygor, never really looked into buying another one because all i saw was your guide all over youtube :P
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