Legionfall Campaign Week 7 “Intolerable Infestation” Guide Now Available!

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A new update is available (Version: 6.1.15856) that adds in the “Intolerable Infestation” quest, which is this weeks new content for the Legionfall campaign. There are numerous other additions, fixes, and improvements in this update as well. Once the full Legionfall campaign has been rolled out by Blizzard, and you complete it, you’ll be able to obtain your class mount.

This weeks new quest can be found in the Leveling / Legion / 7.2 New Content guide. It’s also linked in the “What’s New” section of the Guide Menu.

How To Gain Access:
This update can be accessed with a Zygor Elite membership or if you own the Legion upgrade for the Leveling and Loremaster guide. Simply update your guides using the Zygor Guides client.

Not a Zygor Elite member? Sign up for an account now for instant access.

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