(Rumor) Fifth WoW Expansion To Be Called “The Dark Below”?

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There’s a rumor floating around the web that the next World of Warcraft expansion might be titled “The Dark Below”. This is because Blizzard recently filed a trademark for the phrase “The Dark Below” which everyone initially speculated would be the name of the first expansion to Diablo III. However, with the launch of a new teaser site that suggests D3’s expansion is actually called “Reaper of Souls” these leaves everyone wonder if “The Dark Below” might actually be tied into World of Warcraft.

Of course if this does turn out to be the fifth WoW expansion that stirs up even further questions about what the Dark Below even is. This could be a reference to a realm inhabited by demons that are separate from the Burning Legion. Or it could relate to the Ozumat, the final boss in the Throne of the Tides instance who has the subtitle “Fiend of the Dark Below”. Others believe it refers┬áto the core of Azeroth itself which would allow the developers to add new zones without the need for a new world (Outland) or some undiscovered land mass (Northrend, Pandaria).

If The Dark Below does turn out to be the next expansion what would you like to see Blizzard add? A new hero class? Dynamic storylines? New gameplay mechanics? Let us know in the comments below.

Mining and Herbalism Improvements Added To Professions Guide

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In Patch 5.3 Blizzard made it so you can now level your Mining and Herbalism professions from 1-600 all within Pandaria without ever having to visit old zones. Today we are rolling out an update to our Professions guide that will now give you the option of leveling up your Mining or Herbalism in Pandaria instead.

This will make things easier and faster for those of you who can access this area and it should net more profit overall for you as well. This is a free update to everyone who owns our Professions and Achievements guide.

First Wave Of Beta Testers Chosen. New Beta Release Available!

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We have just sent out the first wave of invitations for the Zygor Guides Beta Team. Keep an eye on your private messages on the forum to see if you were invited. We have also released the first beta version of our guides with several new features to test out. In order to access the beta you will need to use a separate Beta client to download the guides.

This new version of the guides has a “Bug Report” button directly on the Guide Viewer that you can use to easily report any bugs or errors you may find. When you exit the game the Beta client will popup with a special Bug Report Submission Tool that will allow you to review and submit your reports to us directly. You can find instructions and all the information needed in the special Beta section of the forum.

Remember, if you didn’t make it into the Beta Team this round you might be invited when we send out the next round of invite, so keep an eye on your forum inbox.

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