Gold Guide Updated With BFA Farming and Gathering Items!

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The Farming and Gathering sections of the Gold Guide have been updated to now factor in items introduced in Battle for Azeroth. These guides did exist before as individual farming guides but the gold guide didn’t list them which has now been corrected. You can download this update (Version 7.0.19808) now.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Guide Updated With BFA Farming and Gathering Items!

  1. Wadim

    i checked all 3 Points but Zygor just don’t Show me the BFA Herbs…
    My Main character has only 150 skill in Zandalar an Nothing in the old Content.
    With the mode Easy there is shown Nothing but a message that my herb Skill is only 1.
    The Mode Expert Shows only Herbs from the old Content.

    A Twink of mine has 300 (old Content skill) and just startet Zandalar an there is the same Problem. The “best” herb i can see there are Uldum Herbs.

    How can i fix this? I Play with the german WOW Client.

    1. Zygor Post author

      1. Make sure you have the latest Gold Trend Data for your server through the client.
      2. Make sure you are the high enough level and skill proficiency for the BFA herbs.
      3. Switch the mode from Easy to Expert.


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