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User Manual

Class Skill Training Reminders

Class Skill Reminders are a component of the Notification Center found in our Classic guides. In World of Warcraft: Classic, players must routinely visit their class trainer to buy new spells and upgrades for those spells. This is different from Retail WoW where spells and upgrades are learned automatically as you level. We’ve added Class Skill Training Reminders to the Notification Center of our Classic guides because not staying on top of your spells can drastically impact your leveling experience in terms of survivability, combat effectiveness, and leveling speed.

By default, the feature will trigger a notification popup in the following situations:

  • Whenever you log in
  • Whenever you level up
  • Whenever you enter a capital city
  • Whenever you are near your class trainer

The pop up will group the spells you have available into three different sections:

  • Essential - Spells critical to efficient leveling
  • Optional - Spells that are not critical to efficient leveling
  • Future - Spells you’re close to unlocking in the next few levels

If you’re ready to train, you can use the Find Trainer button at the bottom of the popup to have the Waypoint Arrow point you to the nearest trainer. If you do not wish to train click the decline button. If you want to keep the reminder but postpone taking action until later, click the “X” button to send the notification to the Notification Center.

NOTE: Sending Training Reminders to the Notification Center will temporarily suspend any future Training Reminder popups from appearing and it will only display toast notifications instead. However, if you reopen the notification popup and decline it, the popups will reappear on the next event trigger.

The entire feature is fully customizable in the Settings under Notification Center. You can disable any of the event triggers and hide Optional and Future spells from being shown. You can also disable the entire feature from appearing at all.