Zygor Guides Patch 8.0 Update Now Available!

by (10 months ago).

Patch 8.0 is now live on US servers and we’re rolling out a update to both the addon and the guides. The update to the Guide Viewer adds in support and comparability with Patch 8.0. If you are not in the US and will be getting the Patch 8.0 update at a later time you will want to make sure your client is set to EU so you don’t get the update early causing your guides to break.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:


14 thoughts on “Zygor Guides Patch 8.0 Update Now Available!

  1. Chad

    Issue with Professions right off the bat a lot of wow players have down time and some of us want to level our Professions but the issue is that they Scale by Region now so classic is 300 skill pts and rest are like 75 each place like – Warlords well that has its own leveling Category so is like cata and mist legion Profession skill leveling so does anyone from Zygors know why this is that way?


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