Zygor Guides Updates For April 2nd, 2019

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Here’s a look at some of the key updates we made in the last week or so:

We have discontinued support for the older Java client and ask that everyone switch over to the new Client. The details of this switch are documented here.

[Guide Tabs] – Updated the way guides loaded into the Guide Viewer outside of the Guide Menu are handled.

[Gold Guide] Added more support for profession subskills
Improved handling of trends demand
Fixed bug with no demand items
Updated gathering chores to work properly with subprofessions.
Re-added gear bug report

[Travel System] -Added fallback values if portkey cooldown is not available

[POI’S] – Fixed sizing issues with poi tooltips

Updated and fixed some issues with older Leveling Guides.

Updated and polished the Oracles Dailies guide.

Updated Fishing profession guides.

Added missing BFA pets/mounts.

Added missing BFA achievement guides.

As always, you can review the full list of changes on the release notes page: https://zygorguides.com/archive/

2 thoughts on “Zygor Guides Updates For April 2nd, 2019

  1. Terry S Richards

    I can no longer find the update tab for Zygor. Please send me a step by step guide. I may have auto update, but cannot find that either.


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