Zygor’s Allied Races Guides Now Available!

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Pre-orders for “Battle for Azeroth“, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, went on sale Tuesday, and if you pre-ordered you gain early access to play as the 4 new Allied Races.  A new Zygor update (Version 6.1.17440) is now available that adds in guides for unlocking these races, completing their quest and achievement content, and obtaining their mounts.

How To Gain Access:
This content is available as an early part of our upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion guides, which are exclusive to Zygor Elite. As such, you’ll need an active Zygor Elite subscription in order to access this content.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

7 thoughts on “Zygor’s Allied Races Guides Now Available!

  1. Simon

    To be honest I am disappointed, having been a long time purchaser of the guides it wasn’t economically viable for me to re-pay the elite subscription for the guides I already owned, I preferred the option of purchasing the new guides when they came out, I have in fact spent less on the guides with the latest expansions than I would have with an Elite subscription and saw no reason to go down that route.

    To make matters worse I haven’t played WoW for a few months, my existing guides haven’t cost me any money in that time, they’ve just been sat there waiting for me to load up the game again but with an Elite sub that would have been 6 months subscription fee wasted (small in the grand scheme of things but it adds up over the years.

    Now that you’re ending the stand alone guides (so much for the guides for life promise huh) and being steered towards an elite subscription I neither want nor specifically need unless I want it for the new content I fear that my time using Zygor Guides is coming to an end.

    You ‘could’ have made the access to allied races part of the existing Legion pack, it’s not really part of the Battle for Azeroth expansion because it was released many months prior to the release but instead you’re limiting this to Elite only subscribers.

    I gotta say that I really am not impressed with the operating standards observed by Zygor and I will not be recommending them moving forwards (I know a couple of friends who subscribe because of recommendations) and I will be moving away from using Zygor.

    Leaves a really bad taste in my mouth the way that the long time supporters are being treated and I say bad Zygor, BAD ZYGOR.

  2. Robertus Lubin

    When I first saw the Zygor guides they were to expensive for me (I live in Central-Eastern Europe) as a one off payment, so I was only glad when I saw the subscription option that I bought using PayPal.
    I really am satisified with the guides and how they are updated. And it is easier for me to have a few bucks on hand every month than to spend the full amount for all guides at once.

    In my opinion the subscription method is much more affordable and offers better price/quality ratio since the guides are constantly updated. BTW, I use also subscription plans for other software packages that I use at work so I never have to worry about having the latest version.

    Think about it.

  3. Jon N.

    If you were smart, and enrolled into the Elite Subscription when it was announced, you would be paying $60 a year for your membership. Standalone[s] would have cost you almost “double” that amount.
    If you don’t have a credit card, use a debit card. If no debit card, you can always go to any major store and buy a Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard to pay for your monthly.
    I have been with ZYGOR for going on maybe 5-6 years now. I also own standalone guides but, went with the Elite membership because it made sense. I enjoy the guides. Power leveling, achievement[s], mount[s], faction rep, etc etc etc… so definitely worth it to me.
    Lastly, may I add, I do NOT work for ZYGOR, or represent them in any way shape or fashion. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in to all the crying I have been seeing about having to pay. I mean, really, ‘think it thru’ before bashing ZYGOR. because bottom line is…”if you don’t want to pay, then don’t [buy] play”…EZ-PZ

    1. Thewishmaster

      Nice for you m8 i wish you well it the montly payments

      I will not pay monthly for this and even if i would want to i cant use those cards

      best of luck Zygor

  4. Tom Williams

    I tried your Zygor Elite subscription and it isn’t what its cut out to be. I stopped it and went back to the standard leveling guides and now you say that is going to end. Dugi Guides here I come. It’s sad because I have been with you guys since the very beginning!

  5. Thewishmaster

    You are still pushing this subscription into out tummies great job guys

    I fell bad for myself as i allways bought everything, but also for the one that made up this strange concept

    And now i need to pay a montly fee. You do know that this will be hard for people that dont have creditcard right 🙂 not everyone lives in the USA


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