Provide Your Feedback And Help Shape The Future Of Zygor!

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Hey everyone!

The Zygor Team has been super busy on all sorts of exciting new developments coming your way. In fact, we’re conducting some research now for some of the things we’re tinkering on and wanted to reach out to our community for this task.

If you’re someone who is passionate about Zygor Guides and what we do to enhance the World of Warcraft game experience, we’d like to hear from you.

In particular, we’re looking for users who have either just started using Zygor or users who have been with us for a long time (many years).

So, if you fit that criteria and would like to help us shape the future of Zygor Guides, please send an email to feedback [at] along with your Zygor username and how long you’ve been using Zygor. These interviews will be conducted over the phone.

If you’re open to chatting with us, we look forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks!

22 thoughts on “Provide Your Feedback And Help Shape The Future Of Zygor!

  1. david ospina

    I’ve been using zagore since burning Crusade, the leveling experience was decent. but now with multiple Toons, in Wrath and having heirlooms the leveling experience is pathetic. It’s so horrible you can’t level without going through every Zone because the guide is locked through chain Quest. I try to use the guide during joyous Journey around level 10 every Quest and MOB I was killing was Gray. Rested XP takes your gear into account and gives you the most optimal route to level ,why is it that you guys can do the same. The profession guides need to be updated. I’ve had so many professions tell me to go get something at a vendor for it to be able to be trained at a trainer.another thing I enjoy are the dungeon Quest, I’ve done almost every single one of them and so many of them need to be fixed because somewhere in the middle of picking up quests you’re just not able to pick up anymore because the guide is not giving you the right direction.Path thing needs to be fixed on so many Maps I’ve wasted countless hours trying to cross some Mountain the guide tells you to cross but you can’t get across it so you end up going around anyways. I really have enjoyed and promoted zygore to multiple Guild mates. Honestly I feel like classic zygore has not gotten any attention. I really hope you guys take the time to go through your own guide and see that it’s working functional with all classes and all specs

  2. Lise

    If I’m following a leveling story line or campaign, particularly with the latest expansion, there are points where it says ‘go finish the XYZ campaign before continuing’ but there is no link to the campaign and it does not come up in search so you have to dig and dig until you happen on the right guide so you can go back and finish the one you’re on- frustrating!

  3. Dragon

    So I don’t have a problem with the Gear Advisors some are talking about. I go in and change the stat weights, though, and update them as needed, so maybe that is why. On most toons, the default stats are ok for leveling(umm Leveling guide is the main feature. Makes sense yeah?) but not for the end game. So I personally haven’t had a lot of issues with the functionality of the guide, but I would love to see some aesthetic changes. I have a purple UI on almost everything, Then there is Zygor. I mean at least is is black, which goes with everything, But would love to see the option added to change the color, Like I can on ElvUI. I’m not sending an email with this suggestion cuz It’s definitely not important enough for that lol.

  4. DJRubadub

    I would like to see better profession guides, like how to get all recipes not just maxing them out. Also if i need reputation at a certain faction why not linking it with the corresponding rep guide so that I do not need to search for it. Gear Advisor and Finder needs an update too. So many times I get suggestions for worse gear than i wear.

  5. Elie Ghoussoub

    I have used Zygor for years. One of the most frustrating things about the service is the inability to search for guides using quest names. I would also like to echo those who have said that the gear and gold tools are not very good.

  6. Chris

    I want to also add that starting in the last expansion through Dragonflight, I am only rarely able to find quests by searching a keyword and sometimes not even if I put in the whole quest title. There’s also a glitch where your app continiously wants to take me back to a raid or dungeon I’ve already finished (and its currently trying to make me go back to Abberus). Having said al that, if you guys can’t fix the search function, I’m not sure why I should keep subscribing. I’m sure your team isn’t huge, but do us a favor and fix that at the very least before you add new features.

  7. benjamin franklin mason

    You dont listen about navigation glitchs and making class guide that are simple utilitarian and practical,,,,listen to your subcribers LISTEN.

  8. Brian W.

    I have used the guide for years. In the beginning it was easy to follow the questlines. With the new Dragonflight release it is a challenge to find quest lines that are up to date. You advertised that you can search by name to find quests. I have yet to find one quest that I tried to search for. It seems that you are far behind on releases for new game content and quests. Your gear advisor is bad at best. You used to have a dps rating built in but that has gone away. I am thinking of cancelling by subscription.

  9. Selane

    I have been a paid subscriber for about a year. While it’s great for leveling new content is slow. Dragonflight is still not updated as far as I can see

  10. Rick Harvey

    I have been using Zygor since 2017. There have been a few times where the guides have glitched and I have had to retrace my steps to get back on track but on the whole I find your guides very helpful.

  11. Msoakley

    Have been using your guides for a good few years and have found them very helpful. However I don’t know what’s happened in Dragonflight, many things have been slow to come. Professions were very late after expansion launched, some of the latest mounts have no guides and some world quests send you in the wrong direction.

  12. M

    Why plenty of us have left plenty of ideas. From having tables for items etc that drop and where. Your directions want you to blow almost every one of your gating items to get somewhere that 30 secs to ride or fly to.
    Your gear advisor SUCKS SO BAD and has for years.
    I had to use BTW quest addon to complete many questlines in DF.Last time i experimented your advisor it had my BM hunter stacking so much mastery that I was 25k under norm.
    I had you for years but you have just gone down hill I am so glad this is the last month I paid for

  13. Jesper Ryskin

    I have been using Zygor for a relatively short time (less than six months?) after using Dugi for many years (between 5 and 10 years). I really love Zygor! But I also have some ideas for massive upgrades that could make you stand even more apart ;), relating to inventory and currencies. But you are doing a great job already!

    1. Dragon

      I have used Dugi’s as well for years. I don’t have to pay for updates with it, yet here I am, paying for Zygor. Both guides have their plusses and minuses. Overall, I like the Zygor interface much better, Especially since the UI update for DF. I use Zygor pretty much the most, but I will switch to Dugi’s if Zygor seems to be missing something. I can almost promise what one doesn’t have. The other does, lol.

  14. kyle seaman

    i have been using this guide for years and years, one problem i have found is i end up with a lot of completed quests but never go back to them.


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