Zygor’s Patch 8.3 “Visions of N’Zoth” Guide Update Now Available!

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Patch 8.3 is here and we have a new round of updates rolling out now to add in new guides to cover all the new content. This update is found in version 21573 or higher and is available exclusively to Zygor Elite members. If you’re not a Zygor Elite member you can sign up for access here.

NOTE: All of our guides were written using the Public Test Realms and the 8.3 Patch content on PTR was unusually buggy and ridden with problems all the way to release. We worked around this the best that we could. Some known issues include:

We had issues getting Points of Interest ID’s, and several of the treasure chests moved locations dozens of times over the past few weeks. We suspect there may be a peace treaty questline that will only be available when the patch goes live (not available on PTR) – if so, we obviously will need time to create a guide for this. Some guides, like the Shadowbarb Drone guide, are incomplete because of the complexity of them (Eg: Requires 30 days of quests, each of which are random based on which assaults are available in two zones that change every 2-3 days).

Spirit Drinker, Executor of N’Zoth, Ravager Hive, Consuming Maw, and Void Corruption world quests have been bugged the entire PTR and may not function correctly.

TIP: You can use the Home section of the Guide Menu to find direct links to all of the following content.

Leveling and General Content

Magni’s Plan Questline
This is the new main questline for Patch 8.3 and where we suggest you start. Play through the Magni’s Plan leveling guide until you unlock the legendary cloak. This will open both assault zones and factions and should take a couple of hours.

Mechagnome and Vulpera Race Unlock
These guides will walk you through unlocking the 2 new Allied Races.

Worgen (Alliance only) and Goblin (Horde only) Heritage Armor
These guides will walk you through obtaining Heritage Armor for Worgens and Goblins.

Horrific Visions of Stormwind and Orgrimmar
Guides for the new 1-5 player Mage Tower inspired challenges

You can enter these solo or with a group when each group member has a Vessel of Horrific Visions. You get one of these each week from the N’Zoth assault and can purchase additional ones for 10,000 Coalescing Visions from Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart.


Ny’alotha, the Waking City
These guides will walk you through all 4 wings of the new 12 boss raid: Vision of Destiny, Halls of Devotion, Gift of Flesh, The Waking Dream.

Dailies and Reputations

Uldum and  Vale of Eternal Blossoms Assaults
One zone will have the Ny’alotha raid entrance in it each week. This zone is the N’Zoth assault zone and it will remain active each week. Do the assault in this zone every Tuesday.

The zone without the raid entrance will alternate every few days with a new assault available. Check each day and do the assault when available.

Lesser Visions of N’Zoth
Lesser Visions of N’Zoth are smaller versions of Horrific Visions that you are able to zone in once every day and complete a couple World Quests within. Lesser Visions of N’Zoth serve as a complementary source of rewards to Visions of N’Zoth Assaults and serve as a daily source for both Coalescing Visions and Corrupted Memento.

Corrupted Mementos are used to purchase Research Talents and vendor items such as mounts and are earned primarily from Horrific Visions. Coalescing Visions are earned from world quests, rares, treasures, and dailies and used to purchase Vessels of Horrific Visions.

In the zone currently under attack by N’Zoth (the one with the raid entrance), a multi-colored pylon icon will be on the map. You can enter this Vision once per day and complete the daily. Do this each day.

We suggest researching the following talents first as they provide a better bonus towards completing the Horrific Visions:

Max Orb Operation Manual, Expansive Mind, Singular Sanitation Expertise, Emergency Cranial Defibrillation, Elite Extermination, and Gift of the Titans first.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum World Quests
These guides will walk you through all the new World Quests in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Rajani and Uldum Accord Reputations
These guides will walk you through raising your reputation with these 2 new factions.

Points of Interest

Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms Rares and Treasures

Gold and Professions

Auction House / Gold Guide Changes
With 8.3, Blizzard has done a complete overhaul of the Auction House that adds in most of the features that were previously only available using our Auction Tools, or other addons. As such, we’re retiring most of our Auction Tools components as it would require a full rebuild to make them work with the Auction House code changes and all that would be doing is duplicating features that are now built into the game. Some elements of the Auction Tools will be retained that aren’t built into the game, like our Auction House scanning and shopping list features.

Void Focus
Void Focus is a new resource needed to craft the new Profession recipes in Patch 8.3.

Pets and Mounts

Battle Pet Dungeons:
Blackrock Depths

Battle Pets: 
Void-Scarred Toad
Jade Defender
Pygmy Camel

Mechagon Mechanostrider (Alliance Only)
Ensorcelled Everwyrm
Clutch of Ha-Li
Drake of the Four Winds
Mail Muncher
Malevolent Drone
Ny’alotha Allseer
Uncorrupted Voidwing
Waste Marauder
Ren’s Stalwart Hound
Wicked Swarmer
Wastewander Skyterror
Caravan Hyena (Horde Only)

Titles and Achievements

The Awakened
Veteran of the Fourth War

Mythic: N’Zoth, the Corruptor
Allied Races: Mechagnome (Alliance Only)
Heritage of the Mechagnome (Alliance Only)
Allied Races: Vulpera (Horde Only)
Heritage of the Vulpera (Horde Only)
The Most Horrific Vision of Stormwind
The Most Horrific Vision of Horgrimmar
Unwavering Resolve
Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four
Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Four
Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths
The Even More Horrific Vision of Stormwind
The Even More Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar
Reeking of Visions
The Fourth War
Through the Depths of Visions
We Have the Technology
The Shadows Revealed
The Even More Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar
The Even More Horrific Vision of Stormwind
The Shadows Revealed
Through the Depths of Visions
We Have the Technology
Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Four
Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four
Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths
Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths
The Fourth War
Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf
Allied Races: Mag’har Orc
Heritage of the Dark Iron
Heritage of the Mag’har

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  1. Adam

    Having problems with the auction house addon, every time i click scan it say’s scan not possible at this time even though i have no other addons running, apart from that great update

      1. Hai Thanh Nguyen

        I think for the AH posting feature based on the Undercut prices, you just need to make it now like “posting with the same price of the cheapest ones” (Players who post AH items on the same prices but later than the previous ones will get themselves sold first)

        I still need your “Sell” tab interface on the AH in order to quick view the prices of the others and as I mentioned, should be a Button to quick posts of items based on the conditions above, why did you remove it?

        I also need the Mailbox back, I want to send things in bulk and not limited to 12 items. Why do you just tell people that it was a mistake to remove such an important feature like that?

  2. Gene

    I think this is the patch that I leave zygor behind. I was subscribed not for the leveling guides but the auction tools and other tools that no longer work or are being retired. I understand that some of the things in the ‘new auction house’ system helps to ‘simplify things’ but I enjoyed being able to scan the auction house AND sell using the addon as the addon looked up all the ‘alike items’ so i didnt have to individually look everything up one by one…. this way i could determine in mere seconds who was the lowest person and simply click that one and do a drop down for undercutting by X amount with just a few clicks
    now its look the item up … pull up calculator …input the value of the lowest one then do the math for undercutting then put the item in the sell slot and manually type it all in … when it was much simpler before with the point-click-done method before. I was able to 100’s (highest to date yet 900 items on the ah) in a matter of 20 maybe 30 minutes with the addon now it takes 20 minutes just to do 3 deepsea bags… If you reconsider doing the auction addon and the mail system addon i may consider resubbing but as of now i am gonna have to go. Love you guys and all your hard work and i hope you continue to be one of the greatest addons out there

  3. GMdoghunter

    Another excellent guide update ready on day one,excellent work from all the zygor team,thanks for everything you do as it really does make this massive mmo much easier and more enjoyable to play,i really would also love to become one of the testers,writers to help with the guides.Excellent work thanks again

  4. Kiria SIlverbow

    Thank you guys for all you do. You make it so much easier to play this game and keep me from pulling my hair out most days when I play. Your awesome. Thank you so much again!!!!!

  5. CaptinKraken

    Awesome Update! This is why i always recommend Zygor to all my friends! Even when a new content patch drops, Zygor is up to date and ready to roll!! Thanks for the hard work and great addon


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