Zygor’s World of Warcraft Classic Guide Content

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The Zygor Difference:

  • Complete 1-60 guides for Horde and Alliance available on DAY ONE.
  • Fast, optimized leveling path designed for solo play.
  • Tells you multiple locations you can find enemies to kill for grindy quests.
  • Leads you to even more quests rather than forcing you to constantly grind levels.
  • Avoids cheap tricks that leave you broke and unable to buy spells or mounts.
  • Subscription will include all future WoW Classic guides we add.
  • Download now available!

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100 thoughts on “Zygor’s World of Warcraft Classic Guide Content

  1. Aaron Willoughby

    Recently purchased and downloaded specifically for the classic so far I’m loving it I have an been playing Wow for 12 yrs never once have I used a add-on desired to purchase your and I love it but I noticed that the guide for the gold and what not and other guides are specifically for WOW will you have any guides for gold or dungeons or what have you besides for leveling up for classic soon or any plans.

    1. Zygor Post author

      Glad you like the guides! Yes, we’ve already added Professions guides for Classic, and will add other guide types, such as Dungeons, after the holiday season is over.

  2. Vortigen

    I’m new to Zygor guides in general and bought it for classic.
    My limited experience with it (just 1 day) is a double edged sword.
    One one side it assists me when entering a new zone that I don’t know well, on the other side it’s obviously a work in progress as it suggests time consuming routes to take.

    Bottom line: use your common sense when using the guide; don’t take it as a perfect, absolute best path to take. Rather as a helper that gives you choices on what to do and where to go to make xp.

    I’m happy I’ve bought it and am confident it will improve over time.

  3. Dustin

    is there anyway to have alternate zones to quest in, Im in a pvp server so going to stone talon is a no go, Im going to just lvl the next few in zones I didnt complete but it would be nice if we could nix certain zones to lvl in.

  4. Foot1647

    I look forward to more classic guides, eg. profs, dungeons, etc. I resubbed to wow and Zygor simultaneously just a few hours ago JUST for classic. Long story short, I started WoW one week before BC release and don’t remember any of it. So excited to get my RPG on!

    1. Zygor Post author

      Basic Membership only includes our Trial guides for Classic which covers levels 1-12/13. If you would like the full 1-60 guide for Alliance and Horde you will need to upgrade to Zygor Elite.

  5. Akow

    Great video, I do plan on playing Classic but I’m waiting a few days before I resub to play. I want to let the heat die down some, so Not dealing with a day one server problems or so many people in the starting areas. I used a PDF guide back before BC came out, never tried add-ons then lol I am thinking hard about using this guide, if anyone is using it today post how much helps it is leveling. would love to hear thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Ade

    Super excited for Classic, but even more so knowing I have Zygor to guide me along the way. I really hope you add the other guides! I think they are going to be needed!

  7. William

    i agree with what some others are saying i dont plan on playing regualr wow anymore and classic will be all i play so none of the other guides will matter so i hope you make some more guides

  8. Phalaris

    I resubed my Warcraft account specifically for Classic, and I paid for Zygor Elite because I knew that there was going to be a Classic guide. That said, I dont plan on playing retail any longer. So the guide for that at this point is useless to me. I know you guys said that you won’t release other classic guides until you age certain it will be worth the effort and have the player base asking for it. Let me assure you it is. I have tried other guides and none compare to Zygors. I intend to keep my Elite subscription with you, provided your Classic guides are supported and see continued development.

  9. Konn

    Great stuff guys, my mind is at ease now it’s downloaded and ready to go. Is there any way to read through the guide as an elite subscriber without being in-game? I would like to get the gist of the pacing of it before I log in tomorrow.

  10. Luke Keith

    Zygor, Is the classic guide optimized for populated servers in its release? I mean, have you considered that there will be so many players running around from the beginning doing the same quest?

    1. Konrad Nakiels

      No guide is optimized for overpopulation, best you can do is waste no time and try getting ahead. This addon and all of its automation should really help with that.

  11. Juandre

    Now I see a purpose to get this addon again, it became a waste of money in Retail WoW as the game became boring for me, it wasn’t a challenge anymore as loot was readily available on the AH, gold was easy to come by and the experience overall felt disconnected. I think Classic will bring some people together again.

  12. Scott1

    Thanks! Can’t wait for more guides! I WILL play Classic months past Naxxramas!
    I really wish you guys are going to port (it’s not as simple as porting, probably. So it’s very appreciated) these guides to Classic:
    End-game chain quests (epic quests)
    Thank you so much! So so so excited to play tomorrow with the edge of having Zygor on my side!

  13. Sara

    Can’t wait to use the guides in Classic. Now that I have 2 jobs these will make it easier to get where I want to go with ease with limited playing time every day.

  14. Mooxxs

    WOW!! The way you have gone about fixing little issues for grinding or assisting with where to grind is fantastic! Thank you for everything you do and I can’t wait to use Zygor in Classic!

  15. James Hudson

    I have mine downloaded and ready to go, I work and I just do not have the time to wait or play same time as friends anymore so this will help a lot!

  16. Danny Laursen

    Happy that the install tool was smart enough to know where my Classic was installed since I was like: How does I direct the guide to install in my Classic folder?

        1. Konrad

          Zygor shows you multiple spots for quests that require grinding mobs. It may be of help in some scenarios, but I’m pretty positive you do not need Questie with this.

  17. Cass

    So happy to hear that you’re supporting up to level 60 from day of release. I was worried that it may be less due to the beta level restrictions. Can’t wait to see the the dungeon guides when they are released later on πŸ™‚

  18. Nicolai

    I am so exited for this guide!! I feel much of the stress and frustration will be lifted from my shoulders when I have your guide to follow..
    Thanks dudes! πŸ˜€

  19. Mike Z

    Installed the leveling guides this afternoon and have taken a trip down memory lane looking at the guide .lua files to remind myself of the quests in each zone πŸ™‚

  20. Michael

    Woohoo, the Guide is coming out today!!! Can’t wait for it and classic to start tomorrow. So glad to hear that the guide will cover all the 1-60 Leveling Guide so, by the time it has proven to be as popular as Retail, Zygor will bring out the other guide. Looking for that also.

  21. Goran

    Your guide was always the best one! πŸ™‚ Stopped playing WoW and then I stopped using your guide but since WoW Classic is coming on 27th I might give it a try on Zygor’s guide Classic!!

  22. SubLoo

    Do you think that it would be more convenient to single out the entire zone of a possible spawning of mobs as it was done in the guides for the gold farm?

    1. Zygor Post author

      No. You will only have access to the Classic Trial guides which is basically just the 1-12 Starter Guides. You will need to sign up for Zygor Elite to get the full 1-60 Alliance and Horde guides.

  23. Crimsin

    Thanks for another wonderful post! As a subscribed member, and planning to main in Classic Wow, I would love to see the Auction House addons, Atunement Guides, Profession Guides (particularly food/fishing) in future releases. Cheers!

    1. neoaer

      Yes, I hope they expand on this!!! Zygor will continue to have my support if they do. Sadly I think I will end my sub after hitting 60 if not as I do not plan on going back to retail.

  24. Tod

    I loved playing WoW in the beginning. I loved this game enough to be playing it for 15 years!

    I was always behind in leveling until Zygor opened up WoW in a way that I had never experienced before. I think it’s fantastic that Zygor was able to build a guide for classic WoW!

  25. Elishevah

    Nice! I remember being so broke when I first started playing.
    I hope you guys add professions. I think at least cooking and first aid would really help so we can feed and heal ourselves easier.

  26. Neoaer

    Hmm… just curious how much hype(support) is needed for guides like cooking and other professions. If leveling is the only guide that will be sad, but understood I guess.

  27. ePaladin

    I played though original release and I’d like to think I remember where everything is (quest-wise), but I’m sure I don’t. Thank you Zygor for making it so I don’t have to.

  28. Stephanie

    I wish I’d know about Zygor’s when Vanilla was out. I didn’t find you until BC, and then it was a lifesaver. During Vanilla, I can’t imagine how much easier the grind would have been.


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