Battle For Azeroth Guide Updates For September 28th

by (9 months ago).

Here is a rundown of the major changes made to the guides this past week.

Added This Week:

* Gold menu/chores tooltips updated to be easier to read (made non-transparent).

[B] Story Quest Only guides have been added for all Battle for Azeroth zones.

[B] Updated Brewfest guides for 2018.

[B] New World Quests guides added.

[B] Numerous profession guides have been updated or are in the process of being updated post BfA.

You can read the full list of changes here:

3 thoughts on “Battle For Azeroth Guide Updates For September 28th

  1. Ethan

    Thanks for the story quest only addition. I’ve been using those on a new toon and it’s honestly a lot more fun to do those for the lore first and then going back for extras later.

    I hope you expand on that idea later down the road. Featuring a questing quide that’s less about leveling as quickly as possible and more about focusing on main lore without a lot of side tracking.

  2. Michael

    Thanks for the update! Are there going to be guides for the new miscellaneous achievements of BfA? Like for example Sabertron Assemble achievement. I noticed those kind of achiv. don’t have any guides.


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