Major Gear System Update For Battle for Azeroth

by (7 months ago).

Today we are excited to announce a major update for the Gear side of our Dungeons and Gear Guide.

Item Score – Item Score, which is used to determine if items are an upgrade for your characters, has been rebuilt. As a result, suggestions should be less error prone, and it should be clearer how socketed/gem items are scored.

Gear Advisor – Gear Advisor has been also been reworked so suggestions should no longer make suggestions that are way off and it should properly show when switching between 2 handed items and pair of 1 handed items.

Gear Finder – Lastly, the Gear Finder has recieved a complete overhaul to the interface, suggestions are found much faster, and displayed in more readable way.

This is a free update for all customers and free trial users and can be found in Version 7.0.19087.

19 thoughts on “Major Gear System Update For Battle for Azeroth

  1. Andy

    For Destruction warlock it seems to favour Versatility over Mastery, running a repor to see why generates the following.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\Item-Upgrades.lua:946: attempt to call method ‘ShowGearReport’ (a nil value)
    Time: Fri Oct 12 14:27:11 2018
    Count: 1
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\Item-Upgrades.lua:946: attempt to call method ‘ShowGearReport’ (a nil value)
    [C]: in function `ShowGearReport’
    Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\Item-Upgrades.lua:946: in function `OnDecline’
    Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\StaticPopups.lua:152: in function `Decline’
    Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\StaticPopups.lua:336: in function


  2. Demonic

    Gear Advisor is not working for me. Tried equipping lower ilvl items to check this feature but unfortunately I did not get any suggestions. In the older version, there was an icon in the character tab located at the bottom left but it is not there anymore. Gear finder is working for me though. Please advise.

  3. Michael

    The new tab on the character screen is pretty nice. But it places it’s tab over another addon’s tab (AzeriteForge). And I can’t find a way to move the tab in either addon. Nor can I disable the tab in either addon. Super frustrating.

  4. Frustled

    Version 7.0.19093 seems to work perfectly fine other than when you check heroic and mythic for raids it does not return any items, and if there is no other valid option checked you get “THREAD ERROR …terface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\Item-GearFinder.lua:947:attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)”. This does not happen with normal raids checked.


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