Classic Guide Viewer Upgraded To Retail 8.0 Feature Set

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We’re in the process of updating the code base across all versions of our guides to match the Retail version of the Guide Viewer (Version 8.0). For Retail and TBC this won’t likely cause any noticeable changes other than fixes being made across versions more consistently, but for the Classic version, which hadn’t been updated yet to the latest 8.0 feature set, it will be a substantial upgrade. As a result, we’re trickling this release out slowly to make sure there are no major issues.

Here is a summary of the update:

  • Unified code base with Retail version.
  • Classic Viewer updated with version 8.0 features and improvements.

If you notice any problems after the Classic guide gets updated to the 8.0 style Viewer please contact us via support, chat, or on the forums.

4 thoughts on “Classic Guide Viewer Upgraded To Retail 8.0 Feature Set


    Guide works, picks up and turns in quests okay.
    The Arrow is disgustingly wrong (travel system) and never with the guide, all it does it generate dots, which the arrow insists on following, It even shows up when flying, arrow wants us to jump off bird, get new flight paths!
    I use Questie – you show DOTs and long lists of DOTS for ‘here’ and more ‘here’
    I use Pawn and autogear – the gear advisor is very weak
    I use Auctioneer – the gold guide lacks to much

    If you need a guide for Classic or TBC Classic, and don’t play retail, this guide is not worth it.
    Still a ZYGOR customer, since LK expansion
    Classic and TBC Classic travel system is the worst idea you have come up with to date and mostly wrong.
    I disable everything you have to offer, other than to pickup and turn in quests and to buy items I’ll need to complete quests, in non-retail content.
    Travel system you started with in WoD, is wrong for this content.


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