New Feature: Zygor World Quest Planner

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We’re pleased to announce an all new feature for the Zygor Guide Viewer…The Zygor World Quest Planner. This all new feature adds a custom Zygor menu frame to the World Map when viewing any zone with World Quests in it while using the minimized view mode. This custom frame allows you to see all of the important World Quest details, such as type, rewards, reputation, time remaining, and more, in a much more organized and easy to read display.

Additionally, you can click on any World Quest in the list to load the guide for it into the Guide Viewer. Best of all, you can use the checkboxes on the left to select multiple World Quests and in different zones and then the orange button at the bottom of the frame to load your own custom “playlist” of World Quests. The guide will automatically string together the quests and walk you through them in the most efficient manner using the Travel System.

Of course, if you’d rather not use this feature you can easily disable it by clicking the “X” button at the top right corner to close the frame. To re-enable the frame, click the “Z” icon on the map and then check on “Show world quest planner”.

Zygor’s World Quest Planner is now available to all customers inVersion 7.0.19602. You can read up on how to use this feature in our guide manual:

From everyone here at the Zygor Team we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and we look forward to bringing you lots of exciting new guides and features in the new year!

56 thoughts on “New Feature: Zygor World Quest Planner

  1. Faeyth

    I wanted this to work so much. After a bit of testing, it’s not really efficient. It sent me flying back and forth to the same locations at least half a dozen times, very likely more as I didn’t notice every single time. Very disappointed and hope this gets improved soon.

  2. AntonioOne

    Somewhy it stopped to play quests playlist. After completing one of selected quests it goes to “Choose world quest to follow” and I need to open map and press that button again…

  3. Zinv

    For the most part, the world quest planner had worked for me without a hitch. Now, unfortunately, it has decided that it will no longer play its part. I’m not sure what caused its issue. I just hope it starts working correctly again.

  4. Kitsunegari

    Awesome feature, and one i been waiting for! This function alone is enough
    to keep me subbing.

    As been pointed out, a few minor issues:
    1. Seems to be working only with notification center on. I dont know if this is intentional or not, but its a minor inconvinience.
    2. Traveling calculation seems a bit off at times, sending me back and forth a fair bit, even on the same continent.
    3. A clear all, select all feature would be practical.

  5. Greg

    Is there any logic to the order it processes the WQ’s in. I selected 18 quests today on my main, and it is running me back and forth between the continents and regions with no apparent logic. Doesn’t seem very efficient…

  6. Chuck

    My favorite new feature, by far. Still a bit buggy with the tooltip, and it needs a couple of minor tweaks with being able to sort rewards, but overall I am loving it.

  7. Malina

    Great work, thanks! Works very well for me! If there could be also a group finder thing included it would be even better 😉 But – thank you, I’m pleased to get such a cool feature 🙂

  8. d34d3nd

    This is absolutely amazing. I think the only thing missing from this is a “Select All” option. More often than not, I find myself rotating alts daily, and I want to do all the WQ’s that are up (minus the dungeon ones). So, selecting each one individually would become tedious. But, hey, I am nit-picking at this point. This is truly great.

  9. Danuchi

    it works like a charm, I even removed World quest tracker addon just for this! amazing job!! a very satisfied user here! now add a group finder to this and it makes it complete :))

    1. Zygor Post author

      Check the Notification Center for a message asking if you’d like to load the guide, or open any World Quest guide so that there is a World Quest tab opened and then try loading the queued quests.

  10. Zalid

    This is something that I’ve wanted for a long while.
    Thank you for the lovely xmas present.
    Wishing everyone at Zygor and everywhere else a very Merry Xmas 🙂


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