This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Jan 6th 2023

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Welcome to the first edition of a new ongoing blog series where we will recap major changes and updates made to the guides throughout each week. Here’s a look at the most notable changes that were made this week:

🧪 First wave of Dragonflight Profession Guides (Beta)

The first of the Dragonflight profession guides have now been released. You can find them easily from the Featured section. Note that these are in a beta state as we work to test and polish them.

NOTE: Profession guides were one of the few guide types that could not be completed in time for launch due to the lack of a marketplace on beta servers. These guides require extensive work and testing to turn them into dynamic in-game guides. We appreciate your patience as our team works to complete them.

📖 Dragonflight Campaign updated with Chapters 3 and 4

The Dragonflight Campaign guide has been updated with Chapter 3: The Chieftains Duty and Chapter 4: A Mystery, Sealed as well as additional parts of Chapter 9: The Spark of Ingenuity.

NOTE: Most of the Dragonflight Campaign content is locked behind renown levels and some of it timegated, being released weekly. Due to differences in renown output you may unlock chapters in a different order or at different times than our team does.

🗺️ Additional Dragonflight World Quests guides added including raid World Quests

Additional Dragonflight World Quests including the last of the raid World Quests. World Quests are random and we add the guides as we’re able to encounter them.

NOTE: World Quests appear in the game randomly throughout the week. Our team must encounter them first in order to add them as guides.

New Dragonflight Home Screen Widgets

The following new widgets are now available to be added to the home screen.

  • Community Feast – Shows Community Feast status
  • Dragonracing – Shows multiplayer dragonracing status
  • Dragonbane Keep – Shows Dragonbane Keep status
  • Grand Hunts – Shows Grand Hunt location and time

Let us know what you think of these updates and what you’re looking forward to next in the comments.

11 thoughts on “This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Jan 6th 2023

  1. Maddogg1210

    Appreciate ya hard work. This expansion profession is a challenge for many. So I can only imagine the difficulty, and extensive research ya have had to do. So thank you.

  2. Sharon Terry

    Thank you! Looking forward to working through the new content. Always appreciate the hard work that goes into what you provide. As a long term subscriber I can say the game would not be as fun without your guidance.

  3. Mikey Norman

    I’ve been using Zygor for a couple of weeks. I’m not a fast level guy but love story. Are they good for story and do you have guides that kinda give an order of all the expansion zone quests. Or is that even a thing.

    1. Trehelion

      BTWQuests is an addon that will give you a searchable spider diagram of all quests and how they branch and what they’re connected to. I couple that with Zygor for the flavor and how-to. Both together give me the option to take my own route for follow the experienced or some combination thereof. Love it!

      Keep it up, Zygor!


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