Win A Free Sylverian Dreamer Mount From Zygor!

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It’s time once again for the annual Zygor Guides Customer Satisfaction Survey. This is where you get a chance to tell us how we’re doing and what we could improve on. Best of all, for taking a few minutes out of your day to complete our survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free Sylverian Dreamer mount (or free game time if you already have one). A few select winners will be chosen randomly and announced at the end of the survey period.

Simply click the link below to start the survey now.




5 thoughts on “Win A Free Sylverian Dreamer Mount From Zygor!

  1. Oeheaven

    I have been waiting on this for a while. These are world of Warcraft changes that should be addressed.
    1. The first thing is the current raid guides need work where are the roles in BoD? Not easy to follow I hope that gets update comes off as lazy.
    2. In previous dungeon guides a nice route was added to them to have navigate the dungeons even with precise direction travel checked still no path it needs to be how it used to be honestly makes it difficult to follow and a lot of new subscriptions (not me) complain about this.
    3. Reputation guides are not worth using in the current state. Zygor guides should have get the tabard and then go to dungeon location to farm or at least have the quests that rewards Reputation.
    I am away from my computer but expect me to add more I’d rather have those changes then a free mount to make zygor guide improve. I have used zygor since mop for wow. I hope the guides get more extensive. Very vague information is used for too many guides please change this. I love zygor and it’s getting real annoying to keep using it when I could use wowhead and it provides way more information. Thank you.


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