Zygor’s World of Warcraft Classic Guides Coming Soon!

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We’re excited to announce that we will be releasing guides for World of Warcraft: Classic in time for its official release this August. These will be fully in-game guides that use our modern Guide Viewer complete with Waypoint Arrow and Travel System. Best of all, these guides will be available to all Zygor Elite members at no additional cost!

Initially, we will be launching with 1-60 Leveling Guides for both Alliance and Horde, and if Classic proves to be a success we will consider expanding to more guide types.

For a full overview of what’s planned see our coming soon page.

28 thoughts on “Zygor’s World of Warcraft Classic Guides Coming Soon!

  1. Paul T

    This addon is an absolute must for me, I used to use it a long time ago and recently got back into wow and it is a godsend. Very cheap for what you get out of it, trying to do something new or an achievement, just search it up and off you go! Guides for absolutely everything in game

  2. Deezlar

    I haven’t played WoW in 6 months, but remained subbed to Zygor elite because I absolutely love the project and want to support it.
    I’ll be back for Classic so I’m so happy I found this post πŸ™‚

  3. Sam

    Hey there, I’m very open to give Zygor a try, currently though I’m (with honest heart) wondering what the incentives are of Zygor compared to things like Questie/AAP, etc…

    Also you mention in this article that Zygor will be available for release on classic. Is this still set in stone and will it happen? Are there beta-tests of the release-version available for the upcoming stresstest tomorrow?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    1. Zygor Post author

      I would say the biggest difference is that those are free addons and Zygor is a premium guides service that has a full paid staff of writers to keep things updated. You’ll be able to sign up for a free trial when Classic launches to allow you to compare our guides to those addons. And yes, the Classic guides are already finished, so there’s no reason to suspect the guides won’t be launching day and date with the game.

      1. Sam

        Fair Enough πŸ™‚
        Looking forward to be seeing the guide in action, I’ll hope that things will be working flawlessly in classic during launch and then I’ll be paying happily. Keep up the work and use the stresstest well πŸ˜‰

  4. Zordah

    I subscribed to Elite just for the Classic guides.
    Yes it’s a bit annoying as I have bought the Alliance and Horde 1-80 guides a long time ago but I do understand there is a lot of work in keeping the guides up to date.
    I do hope however the other guides also come to Classic as well…

  5. Darts

    This is great news. I will be returning as a zygor customer just for classic wow. There’s no better leveling guide I’d rather use. I used it in wrath and Mists and helped me get lore master.

  6. Albert Glisson

    It had better be free to everyone that bought leveling guides pre cataclysm as well since it’s the exact same thing we already paid for. You guys charged $100 a guide for each faction back then and I’m not paying for it AGAIN when you’re essentially just re-releasing the previous version.

    1. David

      Dude, I paid for an all you can eat buffet 6 years ago, i should still get to eat for free right? SMDH geez, I can’t tell you how much i spent on old guides. Joana’s guides back in the day for instance, I don’t expect him to give me anything for free because i paid way back then. Zygor would go out of business if they operated like that. Did you read what all they are working on? I do no envy the work they are putting into updating the retail guides, let alone creating guides for Classic in the first place. Thank you Zygor, I’m a very happy customer of the last couple years.

  7. Jason Short

    I was wondering this, I got started with you guys right before Burning Crusade launched. I was a little nervous to go back and try Classic without Zygor!


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