Zygor Gold Guide Now Updated For Shadowlands

by (2 months ago).

As our post launch Shadowlands updates continue we are pleased to inform everyone that our Gold Guide has now been updated to support new Farming, Gathering, Crafting and Auction items added in the new expansion. If you meet the proper criteria you should now be seeing these things suggested to you in those sections respectively. To get this update, all you need is a Zygor Elite subscription and to update your guides.

The Zygor Guide Manual has also been updated to reflect the changes made in Zygor Guide Viewer 8 for anyone who wants a more thorough rundown and explanation of the new additions.

11 thoughts on “Zygor Gold Guide Now Updated For Shadowlands

  1. ryannRG

    I can appreciate it takes time to develop the gold guides with optimal routes, testing etc but this is a joke.

    I bought this addon primarily for the shadowlands expansion gold guide content and still can’t access it along with most other people! Please don’t make announcements for updates that aren’t fully usable yet as it’s very misleading for players being advertised with features that don’t even work.

    1. Zygor Post author

      This has been confirmed on our end. For some reason, it works on the Developer version of the addon, but somewhere it went wrong in the Customer version. We’re looking into what happened, and hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. Sorry about that!


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