Zygor Updates For The Week of July 30th, 2019

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A new update (Version 7.0.20653) is now available.

What’s New

Gear Advisor: Eternal Palace mythic and lfr data.

Updated POI Rares

Added several new Blueprint guides.

Added World quests -Polished world quests.  Added the “Supplies from the Rustbolt Resistance” emissary quest.
Updated Mechagon Dailies – Updated the objective location for the quest “Off-the-Books Brawlin'”
Updated Nazjatar World Quests – Updated runelocked chest quantities.

Added 33 battle pet guides (Patch 8.2)

Added guides for The Unfathomable, The Unshackled,  Sunken Ambitions, Waveblade Ankoan, and Malowned

For the full detailed list of changes see our changelog.

What’s Next:

We received a lot of good feedback and suggestions from our 2019 Customer Survey and we are in the process of making changes to address what we learned from the survey.

It looks like Patch 8.2.5 is going to hit the Public Test Realm soon so we will be prioritizing updating anything needed for that when it goes up.

Legion Order Hall guides were reported as needing major overhauls so we’re in the beginning stages of this process, which is an extensive task as it requires having new characters of every class to be able to update the guides with.

We’re working on adding in all missing major 8.2 Battle Pets and Achievements.

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  1. Marilyn Julia Keymer

    When I was at school, many years ago, we were taught to spell. Also we learned a few little sayings to help us, such as – ‘i before e except after c’. Thus, in your General paragraph it should read ‘We received…..’ OK? Plus of course, I am English and like to see words spelled correctly.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi. Since you’re clearly English and want to see words spelled correctly, maybe not create your own version of the word Hi. Just use the original word, instead of your own twisted abbreviation of it. Also take your head out of your ass. Zygor is not Owned not run by 100% English Native speakers and writers, Grow up, If you do not have anything Smart to say, Don’t say anything at all. that’s one ENGLISH saying you should know.


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