Zygor’s Patch 8.2.5 Guide Update Now Available!

by (8 months ago).

A new guide update (Version 7.0.21009) is now available that adds in all of the new content for Patch 8.2.5. Here is an overview of all the new content:

[B] Removed War Campaign reputation requirements

Battle Pets:
[B] Added Rikki

[A] Added Stormpike Battle Ram
[A] Added Honeyback Harvester
[A] Added Alabaster Stormtalon
[H] Added Frostwolf Snarler
[H] Added Alabaster Thunderwing
[B] Added Explorer’s Dunetrekker
[B] Added Explorer’s Jungle Hopper

[B] Added Renowned Explorer

[A] Added Collected Tidebloom Honey weekly guide

[A] Added Honeyback Hive
[A] Added Honeyback Harvester

11 thoughts on “Zygor’s Patch 8.2.5 Guide Update Now Available!

  1. Bob

    Sooo says in the patch notes that the war campaign is now in the guides but when I log in there is no guide for the 8.2.5 war campaign just 8.2 which I have already completed. What’s going on here?

  2. Doghunter

    How can you complete the new war campaign considering it is not even on the servers yet,i agree with tim,dont open your mouth and let it rumble with rubbish,enough said,you dont like it go use another guide or like most of us play the game without one.

    1. Zygor Post author

      The War Campaign was not made available early to anyone on the PTR. In fact, the data was completely encrypted so we couldn’t even blind code the guides. This is the first time we can recall that they’ve not tested content publically like this. Unfortunately, we’re not any sort of “official” guide so we don’t get special preview access from Blizzard. We have everything in this update that it was actually possible to have a guide for, and the rest will be added very soon.

    2. Tim

      It’s too bad that you open your mouth, and insert your foot, making you look like a fool instead of asking thoughtful questions and finding out why a release might be missing something.


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