Introducing The All New Zygor Guides Client

by (2 weeks ago).

Today we’re excited to announce the release of an all-new Zygor Guides client to install and manage your guide downloads.

  • The new update includes an updated user interface similar to our recent “Starlight” design used in Zygor Guide Viewer 8.
  • The Client now displays the length of time remaining in the subscription.
  • Installations now include status indicators and auto-save when changes are made. Bug Reports now send extended step info.

UPDATE: The beta phase has been completed and the new client will be rolling out to users over the next week or so.

7 thoughts on “Introducing The All New Zygor Guides Client

  1. William Dyer

    Thanks to the Zygor team. I will install on my two systems and try to break it and report findings if any. Always willing to help test new releases.


    William Dyer


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