Zygor’s Burning Crusade Classic Launch Day Update

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At long last, it is launch day for The Burning Crusade Classic and with it we have a new update (Version 2.0.24907) rolling out with some final additions to our guides.

Here is the updated list of all the Day One Content:

  • Guide Viewer updated with Version 8.0 style and features.
  • 1-20 Starter Guides for Blood Elf and Draenei, including Bloodmyst Isle and Ghostlands.
  • Revised 1-58 Azeroth Leveling Guides.
  • All new 58-70 Outland Leveling Guides.
  • Outland Dungeon Boss Strategy and Quest Guides (Beta)
  • Assorted Reputation Guides (Beta)
  • Updated 1-375 Profession Guides

You can learn more about these new guides here: https://zygorguides.com/guides/classictbc/leveling

Coming Soon: Dailies guides, Karazhan attunement guides, access keys guides (Shadow Labyrinth Key, Shattered Halls Key, and Arcatraz Key), and updated gold guides.

8 thoughts on “Zygor’s Burning Crusade Classic Launch Day Update

  1. Miztra

    You should rework the gear advisor. It’s broken. Telling me to get spell damage gear as holy paladin. And I see a lot of people have problem with Gear advisor on forum.

  2. Chris

    Correction from previous comment, it is a brilliant addon and knowing more updates are coming is awesome. Also the support team are brilliant.


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