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User Manual

Smart Injection System (SIS)

The Smart Injection System is a feature to help you get in sync with the guides and keep you on track as you progress through them. For example, when you reach the end of a leveling zone guide it will pop up at the top of the screen offering to move you to a new guide that is better suited for your character.


This is highly recommended for players wishing to power level their characters at the fastest speed possible, although you should turn in any quests you have completed in your log before proceeding to the next guide. Once you have advanced to the next guide you can use the Quest Cleanup button which will check any remaining quests you have, and with one click, allow you to abandon the ones no longer needed.

If you're more interested in experiencing more of the game's story and aren't that concerned with speed then you may wish to decline these suggestions or turn them off completely in the options.