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User Manual

Smart Injection System (SIS)

Retail Smart Injection System

The Smart Injection System is a feature to help you get in sync with the guides and keep you on track as you progress through them. For example, when you reach the end of a leveling zone guide it will pop up at the top of the screen offering to move you to a new guide that is better suited for your character.


This is highly recommended for players wishing to power level their characters at the fastest speed possible, although you should turn in any quests you have completed in your log before proceeding to the next guide. Once you have advanced to the next guide you can use the Quest Cleanup button which will check any remaining quests you have, and with one click, allow you to abandon the ones no longer needed.

If you're more interested in experiencing more of the game's story and aren't that concerned with speed then you may wish to decline these suggestions or turn them off completely in the options.

Classic Smart Injection System

One of the biggest issues in WoW Classic is getting in sync with our guides on an existing character. This is because quests in WoW Classic are deeply chained together, and if you haven’t done the required “pre-quests” you can’t unlock certain quests we tell you to do in the guides. This can even be a problem if you use our guides from level 1 but go off to do other activities like Dungeons and want to jump back into the Leveling guides later.

Up until now our solution has been to load the guides 2-3 levels below your current level and use our built in Smart Injection System (SIS) to fast forward through completed steps, doing all the quests you can, until you’re roughly synced with the guides. However, this wasn’t a perfect solution because you probably only needed to do select quests to get in sync and this approach had you just doing everything you could, even quests you might not need.

With our new and improved Smart Injection System, we’ve added a Quest Chain Database, so the addon knows exactly how all the quests are tied together. This has allowed us to add a new Quest Catchup feature that determines where you should start in the guides and if you are missing any pre-quests it will back track and take you through those exact quests until you’re perfectly in-sync with the guides!

To make all of this super easy to understand, the guide now also displays a Smart Injection System label on each step to tell why it’s either showing or hiding a step:

“Skipping completed steps” – This means the step is being skipped because it’s already done. “Skipping irrelevant steps” – This means the step doesn’t apply to you. For example, “Reach level 5” when you’re already higher than level 5. “Required pre-quest” – This means this step is part of a chain you must complete to unlock later quests. “Completing quest in progress” – This means the step is NOT part of a chain, but is worth finishing up for the XP and rewards. “Completing required step goal” – This means the step isn’t related to a quest but you still need to complete this objective before moving on, such as reaching a higher level. “Suggested starting point” – This is where we recommend you begin using the guides once you’re all caught up on pre-quests.