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User Manual

Dungeons and Gear

Dungeons are an alternative way to level up your characters if you prefer to play in groups. At times, Dungeon questing can be even faster than solo questing, permitting you get in a good group.

Zygor's Dungeon guides are designed to walk you through completing all the quests available for each instance. Since instances largely revolve around fighting dungeon bosses the guide also includes detailed tips and strategies for how to defeat these tougher foes.


If you use the Dungeon Finder to enter dungeons (press "I" in game to bring it up) a popup will appear as soon as you enter the instance asking if you want to load the guide for that dungeon. If you would prefer to proceed to the dungeon entrance on your own. then simply load the guide manually and the Travel System will direct you where to go.

In addition to leveling characters Dungeons are a great way to get better gear which you can read more about in the next section.