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User Manual

Guide Controls

Here is a breakdown of all the controls you will find on the Guide Viewer.

guide viewer

Add New Guide

The black button with an orange "+" icon on it is the "Add New Tab" button. Click this to bring up the Guide Menu and select a guide to load into a new tab.

Switch Guide

Alternatively, if you want to open a guide in an existing tab rather than a new one you can hover over the guide tab title area and select the switch guide icon to open the menu and load a guide that way.

Step Controls

The left/right arrows with the number in between are the Step Controls. The arrows will allow you to skip ahead or back through the guide steps and the number tells you which step you are currently on.

There are several modifiers you can use when clicking the different arrows to make them skip steps differently. Here's a list of all the different combinations and behaviors:

Left Arrow

Left clicking will backtrack one step. Right clicking will skip to the last incomplete step. Hitting Ctrl-click at the same time will return you to the start of the guide.

Right Arrow

Left clicking will skip one step. Right clicking will skip to the next incomplete step.


The Lock icon allows you to lock the Guide Viewer in place so that it cannot be accidently dragged around the screen. To drag it freely again simply click the lock again to toggle it off.

The "x" icon closes the Guide Viewer. To bring it back up again, right click the Z icon on the mini-map.

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar appears as a colored bar at the bottom of the Guide Viewer and provides a visual aid of your progress through the current guide.

Like the Viewer itself it has two modes of display. The first is Step Based, which uses a green bar and calculates your progress based on the amount of steps you have completed. The second is Quest Based, which calculates based on how many of the quests you've completed in the guide.

To toggle between the two different modes simply click anywhere on the Progress Bar itself.

Find Nearest

This will open the menu for the Find Nearest feature which will allow you to select an NPC or object you're looking for (such as a trainer/vendor or mailbox) and set the waypoint arrow to the nearest location of that NPC or object. You can learn more about this feature in the Find Nearest section of this manual.

guide viewer

The Options button (Cog icon) will open up the Zygor Settings panel which will allow you to tweak every aspect of your Zygor Guides till your hearts content.