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User Manual


There are times while using Zygor Guides where the Guide Viewer can notifiy of important things, such as when it's time to load certain guides, when you obtain new upgrades, ect.. We used to handle these notifications with a feature called the Notification Center which showed a tab at the top of the screen where the notifications could be stored.

In Guide Viewer 8 we've integrated this feature into the viewer itself. You can view your Notifications at any time by clicking this icon. When certain events are triggered you will see popups appear informing you of things. If you decide to minimize a popup to view it later you will see an orange bubble appear near the Notifications icon with a number letting you know how many notifications you have.

Currently, the guides will show notifications for all of the following:

Smart Injection System

The Smart Injection System will pop up to notify you when it is optimal to advance to a higher level zone. If you choose to minimize this popup it will be sent to the Notification Center where it can be accessed again. NOTE: This entry will disappear if you out level the suggested guide.

Monk Dailies

As a Monk you will be able to complete class specific dailies that reward an XP bonus buff. By default, the Zygor addon will popup with a notification letting you know when the daily has reset and you can complete it again. If you wish to do this daily at a later time you can minimize it to the Notification Center and access it later when you're ready.


If you own Zygor's Dungeon and Gear guide and enter an instance a notification will popup asking if you would like to load the guide for that dungeon. Like our SIS and Monky Daily notifications this popup can be minimized to the Notification Center and retrieved later.

Creature Detector

The Creature Detector is a feature found in our Pets and Mounts guide that allows you to click on any pet or mount you see in the game and load the guide for obtaining it. The results of each detection are sent to the Notification Center so even if the pet or mount moves away from you you will still be able to access the guides.

Riding Training

When you reach certain levels in the game you can learn various ranks of Riding training, allowing you to ride faster mount types. Normally these notifications will appear as popups, but if you minimize them you can pull them back up again using the Notification Center.


When you each certain levels in the game you can learn various ranks of Riding training, allowing you to ride faster mount.