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User Manual

Find NPC / Object

World of Warcraft is such a massive game that finding your way around can be difficult at times. Not only does the Zygor Guides Waypoint Arrow and Travel System show you where to go in the guides, but with the Find Nearest feature, it also can be used to get directions to almost anything in the game.


Click the binoculars to bring up the list of the various Points of Interest you can locate, including Auctioneers, mailboxes, trainers, vendors and more. After you've made your selection the Waypoint Arrow will update to point to the nearest location and the Travel System will provide step by step directions for getting there. To return the arrows focus to the step either move forward and back one step, or right click the arrow and select "clear waypoint".

You can also set a manual waypoint to anywhere in the world by opening up the map, navigating to the map you wish to get directions to, and left click while holdin shift to set a custom waypoint there.